Individual Stroke Play & NCGA Net Qualifier

June 22, 2017

FORMAT: Individual Net Stroke Play

ELIGIBILITY:   All members of Ancil Hoffman Golf Club are eligible for this event if they only wish to participate in the Ancil prize fund portion.  This is a postable tournament.  Players need to putt out and finish every hole.

Those individuals that wish to participate in the NCGA Qualifier portion must have played in two Ancil Hoffman postable tournament rounds in the past 12 months.  Players competing in the NCGA Net Qualifier with handicap indexes of 18.5 and above are eligible but must play to a maximum handicap index of 18.4.  Qualifiers from 2016 in this event are not eligible in 2017.

QUALIFYING:  6 players with the lowest net scores will qualify to move on to the regional qualifying on 9/14/17.  

NCGA 24rd Annual Net Amateur Championship Qualifying September 14, 2017 (Boundary Oak GC, Castle Oaks GC, Crystal Springs GC, Del Monte GC, Dragonfly GC, Haggin Oaks GC, Monarch Bay GC, Rancho Solano GC, Table Mountain GC)

Championship Proper will be held October 16-17, 2017 at Poppy Ridge GC in Livermore, CA.

FLIGHTS:  Net Flights will be calculated based on the number of entries in order to even out the number of players per flight.    

HANDICAPS:  Handicapping will be based on the lower of the player’s Tournament Index vs. NCGA Index as reported in the June 15, 2017 Revision Report.  

TEES: Men (White), Women (Black)

COSTS:  $20 per player + $10 per player for NCGA Qualifier

SCORECARDS:  Scorecards will be provided indicating players with their corresponding handicap within each foursome.  Please record your individual gross scores per hole.  The tournament committee will calculate your net score.

SKINS:  Individual Gross and Net Skins will also be available for this event at $5 per (payable at the course to the tournament committee).

HOLE-IN-ONE:  Hole-in one insurance shall be offered at a cost of $1/player.  The pot from May 2017 shall be rolled into this event.  

ANCIL POINTS:  Year long competition available for both Weekend and Midweek Tournaments at $5.00/player per tournament.

Click here for 2017 Ancil Points Rules

PACE OF PLAY:  Play ready golf.  this will be a timed event.  On-course marshalling will be in effect to maintain the pace of play.  Your position on the course is directly behind the group in front of you.

DRINK TICKETS: Surrender your scorecard at the table in the restaurant following your round and pick up a $2.50 voucher redeemable toward beverage or food item.

MEASURING DEVICES: Are acceptable for distance only.

**48 Hour Cancellation Policy in effect for all Tournaments**


Doug Olson

Midweek Tournament Director