#25 - For Azeroth!: “Nathrezim of the Light”


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What We’re Up To


By the Holy Light! The Paladin Order Hall Campaign

The Alliance and the Horde watched in horror as Highlord Tirion Fordring was killed during the events of the Broken Shore… Or was he?

The Search for Tirion

Discovery of Light’s Heart

The Hunt for Balnazzar and the Codex of Command

The Siege of Netherlight Temple



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Hey guys! I started listening to you two on The Angry Chicken since around episode 100 and then started listening to Into the Nexus and then The Gamer's Inn. I absolutely love listening to all of your podcasts and FAZ has quickly become the one I look forward to the most each week. The in depth lore segments are what I anticipate the most, and I would be so happy if you guys could cover Maiev and the Wardens sometime after you finish covering the class hall campaigns.

Quick question: if you could cosplay whatever character from WoW at Blizzcon, who would it be? I desperately want to be a fel murloc, but I also just want to be a murloc in real life anyway.

Thanks again guys and keep on FAZzing!


Hi there!

During the confrontation and dust-up with Sylvanas and Genn at HoV, is it possible that he got a scratch or bite into her that could give her the worgen curse? And do we know if Genn is ok? He left with an arrow in the right side of his chest which may not be fatal...but do we know? And if he dies, would Sylvanas raise him to damn him to an undead life? Could Undead worgen be a possibility? If they both became undead worgens, would they still be enemies? Could it be the tie that finally binds Alliance to Horde?

Love the show!


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