Beep beep beep!  My alarm clock goes of.  As I get out of bed I can smell something delicious cooking.  As I finish my pancakes and strawberries I  go and have a shower.  After I finished my shower I gathered my stuff together.  When I did that I put all of my stuff in the car and headed to school.  I said my farewells and packed my stuff on the bus.

When I hopped on the bus We had to fill up the bus from the front to the back.  When I sat down I banged my funny bone on something.  When the rest of us hopped on the bus “Johnny asked if he could sit next to me”  “and I say yes.”  As we were driving out of the driveway I could hear the buses front bumper scraping across the ground screech!

When we arrived at camp we were all excited.  When our bags got unloaded we went in class by class our class was the last class to go in.  Some of us had to sleep in the hall including me.  When I finished setting up my stretcher 3 beds got offered so I took the offer.

Before we started the activities we played some group games.  Tuesday when we met up in the hall I saw what our group was doing.  Our first activity was rocky shore and my group was lucky because it was low tide so we could see all of the sea creatures.

Mmm…  Dinner I could smell the roast chicken from the beach.  When we got ready for dinner I just couldn’t wait I started eating it was delicious.  

It was the next morning we were on to the activity called slingshot.  It was a bit like scottish rounders  but with a massive slingshot.  We versed team 3 when it was my attempt I failed team 3 won.

When we got back to school I saw my mum and gave her a great big hug.  I really want to go to camp like that again.

                                My Reflection

I found remembering my benchmark typing easy because I did the activities myself.

I found putting in my punctuation tricky because I couldn’t find any place to put the punctuation in.

I enjoyed doing this benchmark because I had lots to write about.

My next step is to put more punctuation in.