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There are several ways you can grade assignments. You can choose to download all the submissions and grade offline, or enter a grade directly into the Gradebook. Whichever you choose, it is highly recommended that instructors use the student Grader report page. This page displays each student’s submission status, their assignment, and any comments. The grader report also allows instructors to enter grades and feedback comments for students.

This guide will help you to:

Grade Assignments in Moodle

Assignments in Moodle can be graded in the Grader report page. However grading within the assignment page will allow instructors to view pertinent information, and will assist in making the grading process simple and straightforward.

  1. Select the assignment you wish to grade


  1. In the Grading summary page, Click View all submissions

  1. Select a student to grade
  2. Click Grade


  1. In the Grading Summary page, Click Grade

  1. The Grader view page allows you to view the submission information and download or open the student’s assignment.

  1. Within the Grader view page there are several tools available:
  1. For multi-page documents, in the top left corner there are different page navigation options.  Scrolling from page to page is possible with the left and right arrows, and a dropdown allows you to jump to any specific page.
  2. The search comments button just to the right of the page navigation (the small icon depicting a magnifying glass) allows you to see a list of comments, and gives you the ability to filter through the comments you’ve written on the pdf file.

  1. The expand all comments button will expand all collapsed feedback comments throughout the document to allow you to see them all without hovering over them.
  2. The add comment button and the comment box color button allow you to add comments in sticky-note fashion onto the document as well as choose the color of the comment box.
  3. There are also drawing options in the upper right corner that enable you to add lines, boxes, circle items, highlight text, change the color used or add stamps.

  1. To download the submission, Click on the assignment.

  1. In the pop-up window, Click Leave the Page, at next pop-up window, you can choose to save the file or open it.


Note: For archival purposes, you can export student work into a portfolio that can be stored to Box, Google Drive, or on your computer. For more information, see Export to Portfolio.

  1. Under the submission status information, you can input a grade for the assignment and any feedback comments.

Note: Instructors have the option to enable feedback files. This allows the teacher to upload the student’s assignment with their comments and other feedback directly on the document. To enable this option you must select Feedback file in the Edit settings area of the assignment. Once enabled you will see a section in the Grader view page where you may upload the file.

If you used a Rubric as a grading method, see:

If you need to grant an extension or revision, see Assignment: Granting Extensions and Revisions

Grade Assignments Offline

Instructors have the option to grade assignments offline. From the Grading summary page, instructors can download all submissions to be viewed outside of Moodle. Instructors also have the ability to download a grading worksheet. This will be an Excel spreadsheet which can be used for inputting grades, which then can be imported back to Moodle where the grades will transfer to the Gradebook.

For information on importing/exporting, see Gradebook: Importing an Excel (CSV) File and Gradebook: Exporting to a File

To download assignments to grade offline:

  1. Select the assignment you wish to grade.
  2. Click View all submissions.

  1. From the Grading action dropdown menu, Select Download all submissions.

  1. In the pop-up window, Click Save File.
  1. Click OK.

save file.jpg

Note: The file will be in a zipped (compressed) format.

For information on how to unzip the file see:

Note: To download the grading worksheet, you must check the Offline grading worksheet option under the Feedback types section in the Edit settings area for the assignment.

To set the grading worksheet option:

  1. Select the assignment.

  1. In the Settings Gear Menu, Click Edit settings.

  1. Scroll to the Feedback types section.
  2. Check the box next to Offline grading worksheet.

  1. Click Save and display.

  1. From the Grading action dropdown menu, Select Download grading worksheet.

  1. In the pop-up window, Click Save File.

save file2.jpg

Note: After you have saved the file, you can go through and enter in each student’s grades directly onto the worksheet. When finished, you must save the spreadsheet as a .CSV format.

To upload the grading worksheet:

  1. Select the assignment you have finished grading.

  1. Click View/grade all submissions.
  2. From the Grading action dropdown menu, Select Upload grading worksheet.

  1. Click Choose a file to browse for the worksheet.

Note: The Excel spreadsheet must be saved in a CSV format.

  1. When you have added the file, Click Upload grading worksheet.
  1. This will transfer the grades from the worksheet to the Gradebook.

Filter/Sort Assignment Submissions

Instructors have the ability to sort submissions. This may make grading assignments more manageable and potentially save time. The submissions table can be sorted by using any of the fields, such as, name, grade, status, etc.

Last Modified (submission)

Submissions can be sorted by the time of upload or by their status. Click Last modified (submission) in the Grading summary page to filter the submissions.

Display Options
On the
Grading summary page, under the submissions table, you can sort the submissions to aid in your grading. Under Options, there are several settings you can modify.

  1. Assignments per page - you can determine how many students per page you would like listed in the submissions table.
  2. Filter - this option can sort the submissions by Not submitted, Submitted, and Requires grading.
  3. Quick Grading - this option allows you to enter grades into the submissions table.
  4. Show only active enrollments - This option, if checked, will prevent suspended enrollment students from appearing in the submissions table and in the Gradebook.

From the Grade screen you can also change the Filters.  To do so, Click on the Filter Icon and Select the appropriate filter.

For more information on grading assignments, see: Viewing and Grading Submitted Assignments

For additional assistance, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email

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