Fridge Manifesto                                     

This manifesto shall rule the fridge for three reasons

  1. Decreasing the amount of food we have to throw away significantly
  2. Making sure that everybody in the Startup House is well fed
  3. Sustain peace for this office and therefore the planet as a whole

The fridge goes by the name “Oscar Zanussi Fridgelstein”. By learning the following rules you are allowed to call him by his first name.

Rule #1: Post-It-Note means “free to eat”

You may mark any food with a Post-It-Note if

Rule #2: Beer is a human right

Beer is always free for our team and shall be offered to any visitor. By re-stacking the fridge from time to time you make sure that the holy beer-karma is in your favor. Same goes for milk and butter.

Rule #3: Two rows max

Things tend to become invisible in the third row of the fridge. By limiting our fridge-landscape to two rows we are able to make sure that every food is conveniently reachable, the fridge looks nicer and wastes less energy.

Thank you for following the rules of Oscar!

Happy munching!

-The Startup House Team