Who Loved Too Young

This is the story of he and she,

Who loved too soon, who loved too quick,

Who loved too young to make it stick,

The story of she, the story of he.

Now they're both happy, so they say,

And neither one would change a thing-

Him with his boat, her with her ring,

You can't go back home anyway.

She dreams of him, and he of her,

The we they never got to be

(Well, only temporarily),

The memories that never were.

And when they meet, they pass with care,

They smile and hug, say How are you?

And sometimes there's a longing too

That they both recognize they share.

One winter, then, her marriage fails,

As young marriages often do.

She packs her bags, her husband too,

The ring comes off, with all that entails.

She runs to him, she tells him true,

Of all her sadness and regret,

And as she does, her cheeks are wet

With tears she cries for the life she knew.

He's careful, and he's quite demure,

He doesn't want to cause offense-

But he starts speaking in present tense

All about how he feels about her.

But all this time she's had a plan

To make up for her misspent youth.

Sometimes a woman's honest truth

Can be a mystery to a man.

Because, no matter how nice the cage,

The fact is when you're chained, you're chained,

And though monogamy feels ingrained,

She wants to try a different stage.

It does sound like a virtuous life-

To go from first to final love-

But that negates all the needs of

A woman who is more than a wife.

She dreams of him (there still are dreams)

But she also dreams of a life alone,

Where she’s single, and free to roam,

To hatch her irresponsible schemes.

And so she says gentle goodbyes,

And “maybe our paths will cross again.”

She takes a cab, she takes a train,

A cross between selfish and wise.

This is the story of she and he,

Who loved too soon, who loved too quick,

Who loved too young to make it stick,

Of whom she chose to let go, and be.