Comparing DJI and UDI Drones

The DJI Phantom 3 Standards Vs The UDI, RC Falcon U842

These two drones are made up of carbon fibres, but when it comes to weight, the DJI Phantom weighs 1216 grams while the UDI Falcon weighs just 346 grams.

DJI Phantom has a maximum flight time of up to 25 minutes while the UDI Falcon has a maximum flight time of 10 minutes which is a little bit better than the UDI 818A. As such, the DJI Phantom has an edge over the UDI Falcon in recording continuous events. If for example, if you use both drones in recording an event from the air, the DJI Phantom will be able to record up to two or more times more than the UDI Falcon. For this reason, the DJI Phantom will be seen as a better drone than the UDI Falcon when you are looking for a drone that can allow you to record over a longer period.


Flight Time

Another important aspect to compare between these two drones is the distance they can fly away from the pilot controlling them. While the Falcon U842 cannot fly further than 100 meters from its remote controller, the DJI Phantom can fly as far as almost 900 meters away from its remote controller. As a result of this, the DJI Phantom is often considered as a better drone when it comes to surveying a vast area compared to the Falcon U842. For this reason, the DJI Phantom will be preferred by those using drones for activities such as search and rescue, farm survey and news reporting on dangerous incidents such as riots ( which can be risky for camera men to get close) since the DJI Phantom will cover more distance away from the remote controller. Plus, the maximum flight time of up to 25 minutes further highlights its importance over the Falcon U842.


Also, worth noting is the temperature resistance of both types of drones. While the DJI Phantom can operate in a minimum temperature of zero degree Celsius, the Falcon U842 can operate at temperatures as low as -10 degree Celsius. Considering this, most people living in areas that occasionally have a temperature below frozen point will see the Falcon U842 as a better drone than the DJI Phantom. As a result, the Falcon U842 is an ideal drone for recording most ice sports events.

Another aspect to consider between these two drones is that the landing gear and the rotor guards are not available for the DJI Phantom while they are available for the Falcon UDI842. As such, unlike the DJI Phantom, the user of the Falcon can replace his/her landing gears or rotors each time they appear faulty.

DJI Phantom 4 vs UDI U818a

A vital issue to also consider between these two drones is their affordability. The DJI Phantom best price can be as low as $500 while that of the Falcon U842 can be as low as $135. Thus, the Falcon U842 drone is more affordable compared to the DJI Phantom.

When you consider these differences, it is evident your preferred choice of drone, will be based on some key elements you find important. While those living in minus temperature areas will prefer the UDI Falcon, others may choose it because it is a low-cost option. Others will go for the DJI Phantom because of the longer flight time and distance it can move away from the remote controller.