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Web & Mobile Developers: OnRadio

Ideal for web and mobile app developers looking for a radio/music/talk API to offer:

- Genre station directory (names, logos, streaming URLs, etc)

- Local stations (local stations based on IP or lat/long) or geographic tree

- Show guide (radio shows and podcasts)

- Recommendations

- Real-time search

- Web player (no plugins required)


Streaming Companies: SongPush

Get higher listings for stations by sending currently playing song or show information for one or more stations. Fresher songs get higher listing in  


Radio Stations: Record Station Widget

Increase listening by making it possible for uses record a station with just a couple clicks and listen on their own schedule, like they can do with a DVR for TV programming.


Show Hosts: Record Show Button

With just a few clicks add a button to your web site so people can easily record your show and listen whenever they like. They’ll also get handy little reminders everytime a new show is broadcast building repeat pattern listening. Yum!