Mid-year Assessment Study Guide

7th Grade Life Science

Textbooks:  Life’s Structure and Function and Ecology

LSAF Chapter 1:  Explaining and Classifying Life

                Study Guide, pp 34-35

                Practice Assessment, pp 36-37

LSAF Chapter 2:  Cells

                Study Guide, pp 62-63

                Practice Assessment, pp 64-65

LSAF Chapter 3, Sections 1 and 2:  Cell Chemistry

                Study Guide, pp 92

                Practice Assessment, pp 94-95

Ecology Chapter 1: Interactions of Life

                Study Guide, pp 30-31

                Practice Assessment, pp 32-33

Ecology Chapter 2, Section 3: Energy Flow

                Study Guide, pp 58-59

                Practice Assessment, pp 60-61

Ecology Chapter 3, Section 1: How Ecosystems Change

                Study Guide, pp 88

                Practice Assessment, pp 90-91

Internet Review:  science.glencoe.com


View BrainPop Movies for major concepts such as cell structure.

Use www.cellsalive.com for referencing the cell.

Do on-line Self-Check Quizzes for each chapter and unit; each quiz should only take a few minutes and will quickly show what topics might need additional study.

Do Chapter Review Quizzes for each chapter; try one chapter quiz each day to test your understanding of the concepts and vocabulary.