DHMN Organizational Meeting

Feb. 25, 2013

Call to Order

Present: Bob T-son, Erin Q-L, Paul K, Mark F., Mike P., Jake K., Ed K.

Late arrivals:

Approve Minutes

Mark F. moves to approve

Mike P. seconds


Treasurer's Report

Jan 2013 balance: $1,889.28

Paypal transfers in progress: $312.84

Monthly subscriptions total:  $325 (up $10)

# of Paying members:  9 (up 1)

Average per member: $36.11 (down 3.27)

Debts: none

Credits: none (printer fund spent, parts arrived)

2012 Taxes & Annual reporting: Identified CPA Jill Buckmaster for assistance.  Now expected by End-of-March.  If costs are incurred for Jill's, Erin Quick-Laughlin will donate an equal amount to subsidize.

Move Mark F.

Seconded Mike P.


Old Business

3D Printer: Bob L-Dron: Where are we at? Who should lead? How about Alex? Let Mark and Alex bounce the ideas around. Bob L-Dron will manage from behind.

Alex has the printer kit at his house.

New Business

Erin is trying to setup a Google Hangout so Alex can join in. The bandwidth is pretty slim tonight.

Paul gave a short report on his DHMN Governor's entrepreneurship contest: we didn’t get past the first round.

Mike P. Membership survey results: 12 persons have committed to a year’s membership for a total of $380 per month.

We kicked around the idea of staging a wine or beer make session to also include local artist.

Ed K. investigated new spaces.

Old Chuck’s Radiator on Richmond. $375,000 to buy. Has full functional garage, waste oil to heat. Bathrooms, display space. May be able to lease.

Trying to become partner with local business including 4,000 sq ft space that may be available. Some limitations. Ed is considering a deal with him that we might be able to piggyback on.

Appleton East, Tesla engineering charter; could we partner with them? Possibility is a year and a half out.



President: Paul K.,

Vice-President: Jake K.

CTO: Jason K.

Secretary: Bob W.

Treasurer: Mark F.

Community Liaison: Ed. K.

Motion to accept the nominations: Paul K. Seconded: Mike P.

Vote carries for new officers.

Ed K. suggested the officers write a detailed description of their responsibilities.


Mike P. and Bob T-Son formed a committee to manage the website and social web.

Meet-Up Dot Com

Spend money per Mike P. discussion on the Group list.

Spend $72 for 6 months to be spent and implemented in the next 30 days. A survey of new members to be used to gage the effectiveness of the spend.

Motion to vote: Bob T-Son Seconded: Ed K.



Move to Adjourn: Bob T-Son

Seconded: Jason K.