Day 1:

Today was the first day of the program. The first portion of the day, 1:00pm-5:00pm, we registered, we also completed our personal bios. After, we went to our Leadership Group Meeting (LGM) rooms and met our larger group. We spent most of this time talking about what to expect, as well as icebreakers to get to know the large group. Next, we had a dinner break and returned to our LGMs, this time we went to a lecture hall to meet Marshall Bailly, the founder of Leadership Initiatives, to learn, in depth, about Li, as well as GYII. After intervening, we then returned to debrief the meeting in our LGMs, we also learned more about the business partners. At the end, we learned our business, our partner, and our small group. In this case it was MS Dauda Computer, Muhammad Sani Dauda, and Deisha, Ethan, Jason, Laura and Joanna.

Day 2:
        Today was the day where we had our first skype test call, as well as our first meetings of our solutions team. The skype call lasted for around an hour and a half and this is where Muhammad Sani Dauda, our business partner, answered questions about his goals, challenges, major problems, budgeting, plans for expansion, etc. The major points that were discussed in this skype call were Muhammad’s plans to expand his expertise into mobile phone repairs, and also Muhammad’s need of an increase in advertisement. Muhammad mainly wanted to expand for mobile repairs because they are no other mobile repair shops close to him. Therefore, this would allow for a high business intake. The advertisement is needed because there is high competition in the field of computer repairs, and Muhammad needs to be able to top the competition. These two topics were the main discussion of the skype.

During the skype call, every group member took notes on the discussions. When the skype ended, our group reconvened and we quickly came to a consensus on the topic of finding a way to teach Muhammad about mobile repairs. We mainly discussed about giving Muhammad a small booklet, or an object similar, that had tutorials on how to fix common mobile phone problems. For example, ones on water damage, overheating, etc. We are also including tutorials on how to fix motherboards in the phones.

Day 3:

We started making our presentation. Laura and Joanna worked mainly on this, with occasional help from Jason and Ethan. The powerpoint outline was mainly created, with the mission statement, and our solution statement already put in. We also started brainstorming our questions for Marshall and for the Skype call for the next day. Then we asked Marshall our questions and discussed our web page. Then we wrote our solution statement.  We told the researchers to find and email the manager specific solutions and websites full of solutions. Jason and Ethan discussed in depth solutions and how to viably create solutions. (They had there own discussion I helped with the solution statement since we were missing a member due to illness.) We were able to write a majority of our solution statement and most of our research was completed by the end of the meeting.

Day 4:

        We assigned parts of the presentation to people and discussed what we will talk about in the presentation. For example, we assigned who would read what, and also eliminated any unnecessary slides. We also added and worked on our presentation. We for the most part finished our presentation and each person was told and did work on their individual part of the presentation. We also made handouts for the judges to help inform them and give them more information tomorrow since we only have 5 minutes to sell our idea. We talked to Marshall about our website and asked him our final questions. Marshall, instead of acting as if he was an Li representative, acted as though he was a consultant. So he gave us ideas on how to make our presentation memorable. We incorporated some of his ideas into our presentation in order to make it stand out.

Day 5:

        Today, we spent about an hour in the morning finalizing our presentation and making any last minute adjustments. We also attended the closing speech made by Marshall and Khalifa, the         Nigerian country director. We then returned to our LGMs where every group was able to present to the the LGM and receive feedback. For example, we received feedback about how strong and confident our voices and posture were, but we need to have more eye contact. This advice later helped us during the presentation. We were then dismissed for lunch and then went to the Austin hall room for four hours to hear the presentations.