Time Frame

Learning Experience


45  minutes

Worst Case Scenario:

Students work in teams of 15 - 17 to work through 3x ten/fifteen min work shops.

Scenario 1:

Provocation: Eva’s Story

Watch Eva’s story and answer the following questions

Think Deeper:

What was the problem?

Who was affected?

How did the problem start?

When did the problem escalate/get worse?

Why do you think this situation happened?

Solve it:

What should Eva have done instead?

Scenario 2:

Provocation: The rumour mill

Two students volunteer. One becomes A and the other becomes B.

They each receive a chat history, they have to read it and then relay it without looking to the person beside them and include how they were feeling. Then the next person relays it again to the person beside them until everyone has had a chance.

Last people are to share back about what they think is going on.

Scenario 3:

Provocation: Brittney’s Story

Why do you think Britney decided to post her antics online?

Why do you think Britney regretted her decision?

What was the worst part of Britney’s story for you and why?

How has the decisions she made affected her?

45 minutes

Creating your digital survival kit:

Before you use your devices at school, you need to create a promise/pledge/contract to your community (home, school and the wider community) about how you are going to interact with others online.

Students are given their own digital citizenship pledge template

Each student completes this on their own and needs to share it with either Hub Coach or other Adult once completed.

These will also need to go home to their parents

15 minutes (This can also happen


Some handy hints:

Last Pass demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=RM0fzHxMASQ