TUITION RATES - 2018-2019

Some Background Information on Tuition Costs.

Christian schools are privately funded entirely through tuition and donation dollars. The tuition commitment is significant and it initially scares away many parents who would like their children to receive quality, Christian education in these excellent schools.

It is a myth, however, that all parents who send their children to Christian schools are wealthy. Most are hardworking families who could use the money for other things. The reason they can afford the tuition has little to do with their monthly income. It lies in their commitment to the idea that this is absolutely essential for their children. Tuition at Christian schools is geared toward families. Unlike many private schools, ICS provides a family tuition. This encourages building community while respecting the importance of the family unit.


Many parents are surprised to learn that tuition is comparable to the daycare rates they are already paying for their three year olds. If you can afford daycare, you can probably afford a Christian school. Christian schools are non-profit organizations and as such can give a charitable receipt for a portion of tuition paid. The exact amount is determined at the end of the fiscal year and varies depending on the number of children enrolled and the family’s tax bracket, but many families receive a tax credit. Some young families start saving when their children are born and they keep these future payments in mind as they make lifestyle decisions. Advance planning does make budgeting easier. There are also parents who suddenly decide to switch over to Christian schools and in many cases they are willing to do whatever it takes to provide the best for their children. Some grandparents are happy to contribute to the tuition fee and invest in their grandchildren’s futures.

Choosing a school for your children is an important decision. Pray for guidance. Think about the qualities you hope to see in your child when they graduate from grade 8 and then choose a school that shares your vision.

Family Rate Model:  We believe that  community is important in Christian education. ICS applies a family tuition rate for children enrolled in grades SK - 8. This means you pay one tuition fee regardless of the number of children you have enrolled in grades SK - 8.  

Please call or email our office to arrange a visit to see the school and discuss your tuition rates! There are many considerations affecting the actual cost including your tax situation, the ages of your children and needs-based bursaries. Christian education is never an easy choice, but we can work together to make it a possibility.

We look forward to hearing from you!

ICS  telephone: 519-773-8476

ICS email: office@immanuelchristianschool.net 

Visit ICS: 75 Caverly Rd, Aylmer Ontario

Enquire online: using the form here

We are helping new families join ICS! In addition to the already huge value in quality Christian education at Immanuel, we are excited to announce the Christian School Foundation recruitment bursary:

  • 20% New to ICS Incentive! This ICS discount is for a family new to full-time Christian education and needs a year to adjust their personal finances as they become part of the ICS community.
  • A possible $1500-$2500 off with the 2018-2019 Foundation Recruitment Incentive! Do you need a “help” to financially reassure you as you enrol? We can apply for a bursary!
  •  Foundation Partnership bursaries are available to support families that are new to ICS as well as those that have already been part of the ICS family. In short, if a family is receiving financial support from our school’s tuition assistance program, and their financial need is confirmed through the FAST online system, CSF wants to supplement our school program’s award so that we can bless even more families than we could with the funds currently available.

Applications for Foundation funds are made by ICS after your enrollment interview. Spread the word to apply soonest!

What is included with tuition at ICS?


After-Tax Costs of Christian Education: your donation receipt is based on the difference between the non-receiptable cost per student ($3,800 in 2015 tax year) and the remainder of the tuition fee. On a typical tax return, 40% of that is a non-refundable tax credit (resulting in a possible tax credit of $3,100 for a one child family).

Tuition Assistance:

Our Tuition Assistance Committee will meet with all applicants, determining the extent of each applicant’s needs, to provide assistance within the guidelines set by the Tuition Assistance Policy. The present Tuition Assistance Policy states that the school may provide up to 50% of the tuition where necessary and that the other half is to come from the family, church, and/or extended family members and friends.

Tuition Worksheet:                                                Family: _________________

2 day JK:

3 day SK:

SK - Grade 8 full-time schooling:

New to Immanuel incentive?

Needs-based bursary?

Sub-total: Family tuition cost per year:

Approximate Federal Non-refundable Tax Credit:

= tuition cost - (cost per student x number of students)

TRIP (Tuition Incentive Reduction Plan):

(gift cards bought through ICS can save you 2% of purchases)

Can extended family support you?

Estimated tuition cost per year:

Estimated tuition cost per month:

Membership to the Immanuel School Society?







- _________________

- _________________

- _________________




Note: As per CRA memo IC 75-23, tuition amounts in excess of the “cost per student” are eligible for a charitable receipt. As an estimate, a charitable receipt translates into a non-refundable tax credit of 40%.

Other notes:

Commit your finances and children to the Lord - He is faithful!

tuition worksheet completed with: _________________                date: _________________