Google Docs - Research Toolbar

In an open document, choose ‘Tools’ in the toolbar menu, then ‘Research’.

The right side will open the Research Tool, where you can search the web for any number of resources.

Searching web results also allows you to preview the article, insert a link, or cite the source.

Searching for images, allows you to filter images by license and insert citations.

Search using Google Scholar will show only scholarly works. After reading the work, you can cite as footnote or insert the citation.

Quotes allows you to search for quotes with particular words. You have the option to insert the quote in your document.

The Dictionary Tools is just that, a dictionary.

Personal searches your Drive, Google+, Photos, GMail for items that you own matching your search.

Tables searches the Internet for information in Table form. This option allows you to Preview, Cite, or Export the table.

Created by: Lisa M. Nowakowski