Supplies & Fertilizer Information
for COMOC Growers

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Updated July 21st, 2015



Minimum purchase 60 wax.  Total order must = $250 for delivery along established routes.


Wax Boxes:

BUSHEL & 1/9th boxes by bundles of 15. $2.25 each ($33.75 per bundle)

HALF BUSHEL bushel boxes by bundles of 15. $1.59 each ($23.85 per bundle)


Tomato Flats: Self locking, hold 15#  Must order 100. $1.40 each

GS1114: Labels: These are water resistant, on rolls. They stick reasonably well to dry wax boxes. They are 4”X6”. Rolls of 250 labels: $28.88 (12 cents a label)

        Template says:




        LOT #:



(Blank line for ‘Certified Organic by…’ or other required info)

Note: The above info is required by FDA regulation for all products handled by a distributor. A label containing this info (it CAN be your own label) is required by Crown O’Maine on the unit that is shipped to our customers. For example, a wax box with 2 bags of greens in it must have a label on the box AND each bag as they will be separated from each other in shipping. Or you can use our handy greens boxes (see above).

GS1115: Plastic Produce Bags: 15”X30” These are our typical ‘carrot bags’ perfect for holding 25# of beets, carrots, etc. Most importantly, they are pre-drilled with (6 per side) vent holes. 250 per box. $84

GS1116: Wire Ties: Mandatory for use with plastic bags for COMOC shipments. $25.50/1000 ties.

GS1117: Wire Tiers: These are rugged tools for easily twisting the copper ties secure. $35. You will never have to buy another one (unless you lose it).

White Paper 5# Double Lined Bags:  500 per bale, made in Presque Isle.  $110.

White Paper 10# Double Lined Bags: 400 per bale, made in Presque Isle - this is the correct size for MEAT 6-packs.  $104

White Paper  20# Double Lined Bags: 250 per bale, made in Presque Isle. $107.50

White Bags 50# Double Lined Bags: 100 per bale, made in Presque Isle. $69


Shipments will be according to COM’s schedule. No rush orders permitted, though you may certainly state your preferences. We will contact you to make arrangements.  Sales Tax applies if exemption or resale certificate is not ON FILE.  

Payment terms: Most shipments will be COD. If you are a COM vendor with an open balance you may use an account swap for up to 50% of your bill. The other 50% will be COD. You may date checks ahead up to three weeks, but we must have the check for delivery to happen.         

Deliveries into the growing season:  Boxes and other supplies are available throughout the season. Please note that a $250 minimum applies to supplies just as it does to all COM orders. Other minimums apply, see item details.