These are the selections for First Chapter Friday in my 7th grade class. I do not focus on reading levels...I focus on compelling books for students with especially great first chapters. I also have a wide range of reading abilities and maturity levels, so I try to mix it up.  For example, I believe one should read Number the Stars. It is 4th grade level, but it may be a stepping stone to other books like The Boys Who Challenged Hitler or Prisoner B-3087.

PS...I know to underline or italicize titles...but I am sitting by the pool and that is just TOO much work at the moment :)

Found-Haddix (I HIGHLY recommend this for a first first chapter Friday...GREAT ending)

Monster-Walter Dean Meyers

The Westing Game

Zach’s Lie-Smith

I am Number Four

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Number the Stars-Lowry

Freak the Mighty-Rodman

Girl Stolen-Henry

Alabama Moon-Key


The Giver-Lowry

Firegirl-Abbott (I read the 5th chapter--I think)

Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963- Curtis

The Red Queen

The Maze Runner-Dashner

The False Prince

Touching Spirit Bear


Silent to the Bone

The Raft

Battle of Jericho-Draper (VERY mature...but they will not breathe while you are reading...preview first)

Stuck in Neutral-Truman (VERY mature...I skip some language...preview first)


Prisoner B-3087-Gratz (he has AWESOME things going on...great reads)



Pax-Pennypacker (I LOVE THIS BOOK...if you need a book to teach parallel plot lines and character has it all).


The Wild Robot-Brown

We Should Hang Out Sometime

The Thing About Jellyfish

Cirque de Freak-Living Nightmare (1st book of the series) I read the introduction


Things Not Seen

The Red Kayak-Cummings (GREAT discussion)

The Girl Who Drank the Moon


Orbiting Jupiter-Schmidt (some mature content)

Solo-Alexander (Little bit of questionable content)

The Chocolate War

Notes from the Midnight Driver-Sonnenblick

The Car-Paulsen

Code of Honor-Gratz



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I make these for my students. All material is from Amazon or Youtube. Some contain Works Cited...others do not.