Packing List

There is no need to bring electrical voltage converters/adapters; Nicaraguan power is the same A/C power used in the United States and Canada.

Valuables - All valuables that you bring should be kept with you at all times. Keep ipods and iphones out of sight as much as possible. Never leave them where you will be sleeping when we leave during the day or left alone in the van. Do not bring any electronics or jewelry other than the bare minimum necessary.  

Make sure to stay under the weight limit for your airline carrier and pack all liquids in your checked baggage. Also, label luggage with this address:

YOUR NAME (If you are staying at Hotel El Raizon*)

KM 20.3 Carretera Masaya

Hotel El Raizon

El Raizon, Nicaragua

Nicaragua Phone number: (M) 8566-2063

→ Also include a US Phone number of someone not on the trip

* For other locations, please check in advance what address to use