Thanks for learning with me! Here are some accompanying resources for you to check out and reference in your future planning. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas to share!


“Fed Ex” Days

Principal reflections and other resources for using Fed Ex days in schools

FedEx Prep: Time for Innovation 

FedEx Prep: A Reflection

How about a Fed Ex Day?

Getting started -my intro resources to staff, with info from Daniel Pink’s Drive 

What could it look like in the classroom?

Check out Innovation Day experiences from Josh Stumpenhorst (and Daniel Pink’s reflections on it!) as well as Josh’s #140edu talk about Innovation Day and other links from teachers who have used similar ideas in their classrooms 

Edcamps/Edcamp Model

The Edcamp Foundation - find an edcamp to attend near you! Organize your own edcamp! 

Reflections from using the edcamp model at an elementary school inservice 

Reflections from principals/teachers who have experienced the edcamp model as a form of PD in their schools 

Genius Hour

What is Genius Hour?

Resources about Genius Hour and its use in the classroom/schools

Google’s 20% Time

How Google’s 20% time fosters innovation

Eric Sheninger’s school uses 80/20 model for PD 


Google's 20% Factor

There’s a 20% time MOOC starting now!

Google's Culture of 20% Time

Teacher-Led PD

Tech Tuesdays 

Collaborative teacher groups, reflective blog practices

Teachers facilitating learning sessions on inservice days/workshops 

Show and Tell PD

Sharing Showcase 


Pineapple Charts

How pineapple charts revolutionize professional development

Learning from your peers with pineapple charts with sample chart

Pineapple chart

Collection of pineapple charts resources here

Pineapple charts vs. #observeme

“Flipped” Faculty Meetings

What it is and why you should try it from Steven Andersen

More admin and professionals chime in about how they’ve flipped the traditional faculty meeting model

series of posts from Bill Ferriter

7 steps to flipped professional development

An Evernote shared notebook on the Flipped classroom 

Flipped and Differentiated PD

Flipped professional development

Flip Your PD for Extra Flexibility & Support

Flipped PD initiative boosts teachers’ tech skills

Goo in the Loo!

Elanco Learns Flexible Professional Development

Screencastify Chrome Extension

Design Thinking

Design Thinking for Educators

Download the toolkit and additional resources here:

Workshops on Design Thinking 

45 Design Thinking Resources for Educators 

How technology can help facilitate PD:


Twitter Chats  - a comprehensive list of educational chats on Twitter, time and topic!

Education chats calendar

Use Twubs or the search feature in Twitter to follow hashtag conversations, no Twitter account required

Hashtags, Twitter chats, and TweetDeck for Education

A quick guide to Twitter hashtags for professional development

How tos and other Twitter resources here

Professional development: Got a Twitter minute? Silvia Tolisano

Amazing ways Twitter can give wings to your PD

Learning Management Systems for Organization of PD

Edmodo for teacher professional development: a case study

Edmodo for professional development (video)

DIstrict professional development with Edmodo (video)

Professional development powered by Edmodo

Edmodo for professional development groups

Schoology use for PD

How to use Google Classroom for PD

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts for Professional Development

How educators and schools can make the most out of Google hangouts 

Using Google Hangouts for Teacher Development


Create your own personalized podcast with Voxer

Why you should be Voxing 

Voxer: I Get it Now!

Interactive Participation

Today’s Meet, Lino, Padlet for backchannel/participant discussion options; other formative assessment/feedback options include: Nearpod, Kahoot, Socrative, Formative


Miscellaneous and Additional Resources from my PLN:

Join ChangeLeaders Community and dedicate your professional learning time to promoting sustainable change in your school!

From Pre-Fab to Personalized: How Districts are Retooling Professional Development from edSurge

How teachers are learning: Professional development remix from edSurge and the PD Learning Cycle Framework (28 tools)

My Professional Development list on Diigo

The 10 Minute Inservice: 40 Quick Training Sessions that Boost Teacher Effectiveness by Todd Whitaker and Annette Breaux

 The changing role of L & D: From packaging to scaffolding plus social capacity building Jane Hart

Teacher professional learning and development

What teachers need and reformers ignore: time to collaborate Washington Post article

20 ways to make professional development more effective

How teachers are learning: Professional development remix from edSurge and the PD Learning Cycle Framework (28 tools)

Learning Want I Want to be Learning shared by @web20classroom

Framework for Embedded Professional Development shared by @nmhs_principal

A Professional Development Day that Worked shared by @patrickmlarkin

Building on Strengths: Our Professional Development Program shared by @gcouros

My big "duh" - thoughts on PD shared by @joycevalenza

16 Signs Teachers have Professional Autonomy shared by @davidwees

12 Alternatives to Boring Professional Development from @edrethink

Do-It-Yourself Virtual Professional Development: Taking Ownership of Your Learning Edutopia

Professional Development is not that complicated -Dean Shareski

Professional digital portfolios

Experiential Learning & Adult Learning

This is what powerful professional learning looks like - Bruce Dixon

Kolb Cycle

Adult Learning Principles

Guskey model of teacher development

The Science of Teacher Development

Personal Knowledge Management, Harold Jarche

Sense making with PKM

Teacher professional learning and development


All Things PLC

@plugusin shares many resources re: PLCs

Learning Communities

Recommended PLC Resources

Lesson Study

Lesson Study Research Group

Chicago Lesson Study Group

Lesson Study

Lesson Study Project

Reflective journals/blogging

Why Teachers Should Blog shared by @teachpaperless

How to Make Better Teachers shared by @shareski

7 Reasons Teachers Should Blog shared by @timbuckteeth

Every Teacher Should Have a Blog and Three Purposes for Classroom Blogs shared by @rmbyrne

Why Should Teachers Blog? shared by @chrislehmann

Top 10 Ways Blogs and Wordpress are Used in Schools via Edublogs

5 Reasons Every Principal Should Have a Blog

Action Research

Action Research: A Self-Directed Approach to PD from ASCD

PLP Action Research and Featured Projects

Cited Quotes/Inspirational Reads

If you want to be a great teacher, don't go to PD -Peter Kent via Lisa Nielsen

Embracing Constraints shared by Seth Godin

I Don't Want More Professional Development shared by @teachpaperless

Supporting Gen Y Teachers

Resources used with and created our teachers

Elementary Technology Cohort

Teachers as leaders/example in-service schedule

Elanco PLP action research project