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Gospel Value/Saint for May: Excellence/St. Thomas Aquinas                     May 26, 2016

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EQAO - Grades 3 & 6

Dress Code

Gift Baskets

Pioneer Day

Important Grade 6 Dates

PD Day

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May 27

EQAO - Grade 3


May 30-31

EQAO - Grade 3

June 1-3

EQAO - Grade 6

June 1

Pizza Lunch Day

June 10

PD Day

Grant me,

O Lord, My God,

A mind to know you,

A heart to see you,

Conduct pleasing to you,

Faithful perseverance in waiting for you,

And a hope of finally embracing you.


-St. Thomas Aquinas

EQAO - Grades 3 & 6

A reminder that EQAO testing will begin this Friday. The Grade 3 students will be working on Math and Language tasks on May 27, and May 30-31. The Grade 6 students will be working in their Math and Language tasks June 1-3. It is very important that students arrive at school on time and that, if possible, no appointments are booked for those days. Your cooperation is much appreciated. 

Dress Code

As the weather is getting warmer, a reminder that all students should be following the school dress code. Please consult p. 5 of the school agenda for further details.

Gift Baskets

Students are reminded to bring in items for their grade level’s gift basket by Monday, May 30th. The students have been asked to bring items that fit with their grade’s assigned theme. The theme baskets will be raffled off at the school BBQ in June.

Pioneer Day

The Grade 3 students had a wonderful time participating in a variety of activities on Wednesday, May 25th to celebrate Pioneer Day, after completing their Social Studies work on this topic. With the help of Grade 5/6 students from Mme Cacciotti’s class, the Grade 3 students explored many different pioneer activities, trying everything from making butter to playing lacrosse. Thanks to all involved for making history come alive at St. Stephen Catholic School.

Important Grade 6 Dates

Looking ahead, June is a very exciting and busy month for the Grade 6 students. On Tuesday, June 14th, the Grade 6 students will be visiting Sacred Heart, to help them get to know their future school. On Thursday, June 23rd, the Grade 6 students will be heading to Carleton University for a field trip. Finally, on Tuesday, June 28th, the Grade 6 leaving ceremony will be held at Holy Spirit Parish, from 1 - 3:30pm.

PD Day

A reminder that Friday, June 10th is a PD Day. The teachers will be engaging in professional development through planning and collaboration and there will be no classes that day. The school will be open only for those in the childcare program.

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