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Letters by Officials / Experts

Questions about deeming regs and burdens on small businesses (letter #1)

        5/17/16 - Ron Johnson to FDA

Follow up letter due to no response from the FDA (letter #2)

        6/6/16 - Ron Johson to FDA

Follow up letter due to inadequate response from the FDA 

        7/15/16 - Ron Johnson to FDA

Reform of tobacco and nicotine regulation at FDA

        6/14/17 - Tom Miller, etc. to Scott Gottlieb / FDA

Letter from seventy-two specialists in nicotine science, policy and practice to WHO

        10/1/18 - Experts from around the world

Youth tobacco and nicotine use – proportionate and responsible reaction

        11/14/18 - Tom Miller, FDA

Letter that debunks this study: Electronic Cigarette Use and Myocardial Infarction Among

Adults in the US Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health

07/11/19 - Brad Rodu and Nantaporn Plurphanswat to Drs. London, Eitzman, Weinberg

and Harrington

 Regulation of vaping products – a crisis in 2020

        7/24/19 - Tom Miller, etc to FDA, CTP, OMB, & Committees

Re: follow up to meeting regarding tobacco & vaping policy (24 September 2019)

        10/3/19 - Tom Miller, etc. to OMB

Federal Flavor Ban and Economic Significance 

        11/13/19 - Ron Johnson to President Trump


Ethical issues raised by a ban on the sale of electronic nicotine devices

        4/5/15 - Wiley Online Library - Wayne Hall, Coral Gartner, Cynthia Forlini

E-cigarettes: a new foundation for evidence-based policy and practice

        08/__/15 - Public Health England


        8/20/17 -  Dr. Brad Rodu, Matthew Glans, Lindsey Stroud




4/4/18 - Bill Tarling


        12/5/18 - Michelle Minton


        7/23/19 - Lindsey Stroud

Nicotine without smoke: fighting the tobacco epidemic with harm reduction

        8/31/19 - The Lancet - Bates, Youdan, Bonita

Youth Nicotine Use Action Plan

        12/21/19 - Minnesota Smoke Free Alliance

Miscommunication about the causes of the US outbreak of lung diseases in vapers by public health authorities and the media

        1/12/20 - Wiley Online Library - Coral Gartner, Billie Bonevski, Wayne Hall

E-cigarette Tipping Points Revisited, with Historical Perspective


Blogs / Websites

VAEP World

        Tons of info. Great shareable graphics

E-Cigarette Politics

        twitter: @rolygate

NIH Funding Stifles Tobacco Harm Reduction Research and Support in Academia

        2/17/15 - Tobacco Truth - Brad Rodu

The 2018 American Teen Vaping Epidemic, Recalculated

        5/16/19 - Tobacco Truth - Brad Rodu

The US vaping flavour ban: twenty things you should know (PDF version)

        11/4/19 - The Counterfactual - Clive Bates

Vaping is still at least 95% lower risk than smoking - debunking a feeble and empty critique

        1/17/20 - The Counterfactual - Clive Bates

Federal Funds Misspent on Anti-Vaping Research

        2/26/20 - Tobacco Truth - Brad Rodu

Movies / Videos / Podcasts / Audio

Senator Richard Burr of N.C. Tobacco Harm Reduction allow Americans to choose.

        5/15/14 - Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

A Billion Lives


E-Cigs and Joe Camel | Dr. Steven J. Allen

        10/5/16 - Capitol Research Center

Are E-Cigs the Market Solution that Can Save a Billion Lives?

        12/8/16 - ReasonTV

Facts about Vaping - CASAA

        2/13/17 - CASAA

What's Worse: Vaping or Smoking?

        5/8/17        - Caroline Kitchens (RStreet) - PragerU

Public Health, Vaping, and More

        10/4/17 - City Journal - John Tierney, Aaron Renn

User Clip: Virginia Foxx - FDA Overreach Will Destroy Vaping Industry

        12/9/18 - Rep. Virginia Foxx - U.S. House Speech

Senator Richard Burr - Harm Reduction / vaping / youth

        ? Jan 2019 - Senate Speech

E-Cigarettes: Smoke & Mirrors [Fourth Branch]

        8/26/19 - The Federalist Society

Stossel: Let Them Vape

        11/20/18 - ReasonTV

Public health expert on e-cigarette panic

        9/20/19 - CBS - David Abrams

Kristin Gaspar - The Real Vaping Danger

        ? Oct 2019 - Board of Supervisors meeting (need location in CA)

Senator Rand Paul at HELP Hearing

        11/13/19 -

Vaping: what people are getting wrong

        2/7/2020 - The Economist

Vape shop playlist - assorted videos

        Not date specific

A Selection of Good Vaping Videos

        Not date specific

You Don't Know Nicotine


All done up to here

Articles / OpEds

E-cig users see them as a less-harmful alternative

        9/29/13 - Barry Courter - Chattanooga Times Free Press

Nicotine Itself Isn't The Real Villain

        6/19/15 - Forbes - Sally Satel

Nicotine No Worse Than Cup Of Coffee - Report

        8/12/2015 - Sky News - Poppy Trowbridge

You Can Quit Smoking With An E-Cigarette, Just Ignore The Lies.

        12/21/15 - Blasting News - Kevin Crowley


        2015 - World Report Now

E-cig reporting: What went wrong?

        1/3/16 - The San Diego Union-Tribune - Bradley J. Fikes

Large Survey Finds E-Cigarettes Do Help Smokers Quit

        1/12/16 - VRanks - ECig News

Top tobacco control experts to FDA: Studies of e-cigs suggest more benefit than harm

        4/25/16 - Medical Xpress - Georgetown University Medical Center

Public health benefits of e-cigarette use tend to outweigh the harms, new study says 

        7/14/16 - Medical Xpress - Georgetown University Medical Center

New Regulations Could Put Vapor Product Companies Out Of Business 

        8/19/16 - The Chattanoogan - Dimitris Agrafiotis

The Great British vape off

        12/8/16 - Cancer Research UK - Alyssa Best

Dear Surgeon General and Public Health Agencies, Anti-Vaping Policies Are Bad for Public Health

        12/18/16 - Real Clear Health - Sally Satel and David Sweanor

Vaping Is Not a Gateway to Smoking, New Study Shows

        1/9/17 - Reason - Guy Bentley

The health hazards of vaping are overblown

         1/24/17 - The Globe and Mail - Andre Picard

E-cigarettes are not creating a new generation of smokers

        1/27/17 - Washington Examiner - Guy Bentley

Nicotine Vapor Has Fewer Genetic Effects Than Cigarette Smoke

        3/3/17 - Science 2.0 - News Staff

Vaping isn't smoking, it's a disease prevention method


The Corruption of Public Health Government’s effort to suppress vaping—the most promising antismoking product ever created—is part of a broader scandal.

        Summer 2017 - City Journal - John Tierney

NHS Scotland says vaping is ‘definitely’ safer than smoking

        9/22/17 - Vaping Post -  Diane Caruana 

Vaping helps reverse smoking harm - asthma expert

        11/20/17 - Massey University

Some Older Smokers Turn to Vaping. That May Not Be a Bad Idea.

        12/8/17 - The New York Times - Paula Span

Stopping smoking main reason for vaping

        1/31/18 - Massey University

Vaping helps tobacco smokers to quit

        2/21/18 - Knox News - Dimitris Agrafiotis

 E-cigarettes could be helpful for smoking cessation in hospitals

        2/22/18 - Massey University

An Achievable New Year's Resolution 

        3/1/18 - eCloudz Magazine - Dimitris Agrafiotis

Vape advocate: Scientific evidence clears the air on vaping as tobacco harm reduction

        3/30/18 - Nooga Today - Dimitris Agrafiotis

Vaping should be legal for adults, not minors

        5/15/18 - Commercial Appeal - Dimitris Agrafiotis

Juul Madness Vaping prohibitionists ignore the vast public-health benefits of the new technology.

        7/15/18 - City Journal - John Tierney

The Harmful Campaign Against Vaping and E-Cigarettes

        11/13/18 - People’s Pundit Daily - Daniel Mitchell

How The Crackdown On Flavored E-Cigarettes Makes It More Difficult For Smokers To Quit

        12/15/18 - Daily Caller - Abby Schachter

I bought my dad a Juul e-cigarette to see if he’d give up his Marlboros. Here’s what happened

        1/5/19 - CNBC - Angelica LaVito

The FDA Is Overreaching With Its Attempt to Ban Vaping

        1/28/19 - Observer - Brian Darling

E-cigarettes outperform patches and gums in quit-smoking study

        1/30/19 - NBC News (AP)

E-Cigarette Flavor Bans Will Drive More People Back to Smoking

        2/19/19 - Inside Sources - Michael Siegel

Criminalizing E-Cigarettes — Perpetuating the Spiral of Poverty

        6/20/19 - Inside Sources - Marewa Glover

The Federal Government’s War on Vaping Comes to New York

        6/21/19 - Observer - Brian Darling

New smoking statistics shows ‘gray vaping’ is on the rise in the UK

        7/9/19 - - Matt Rowland

E-cigarette Regulations Increase Prenatal Cigarette Use Among Teen Smokers, Study Shows 

        7/11/19 - Andrew Young School of Policy - Jennifer French Giarratano

Adults who vape are more likely to quit cigarettes, study finds

        7/15/19 - CNN Health - Arman Azad

Article: Daily e-cigarette use may help smokers quit regular cigarettes

        7/23/19 - Medical Xpress - Massachusetts General Hospital

Nicotine without smoke: fighting the tobacco epidemic with harm reduction

        8/31/19 - The Lancet - Clive Bates, etc.

Vape flavor ban doesn't help kids, hurts adults

        9/15/19 - The Detroit News - Jesse Kelly & Carrie Wade

Flavors make vaping more palatable, help cigarette smokers kick the habit

9/21/19 - The Philadelphia Enquirer - Amelia Howard

E-cigarette flavor ban — ineffective and dangerous

        9/23/19 - South Florida Sun Sentinel - Michelle Minton

        (Originally published by Inside Sources and reprinted by other papers)

Setting the Record Straight on Vaping

        9/30/19 - National Review - Julie Gunlock

Vaping bans like Massachusetts’ will not stop illness outbreak

        10/7/19 - The Philadelphia Enquirer - Shaleen Title & Michael S. Sinha

Too many unanswered questions about vaping

        10/15/19 - The Philadelphia Enquirer - Editorial Board

I'm an American doctor. Here's the truth about Juul, vaping and legalizing marijuana

        10/18/19 - Independent - Eugene Gu

The Vaping Overreaction

        10/23/19 - The Atlantic - Sally Satel

As other state officials warn of vaping dangers, Iowa AG defends vaping products for adults

        10/29/19 - Des Moines Register - Barbara Rodriguez

Trump’s nanny-state ban on flavored vapes will only undermine public health

        11/4/19 - Washington Examiner - Brad Polumbo

Let’s get the real facts out about the vaping health crisis

        11/5/19 - Tennessean - Dimitris Agrafiotis

Banning E-Cigarettes Could Do More Harm Than Good

        11/12/19 - NY Times - Editorial Board

Vapers Turn to Home Brew as Flavored Nicotine Bans Mount

        11/12/19 - KQED Science - Jenny Gold

Trump should scrap the flavored vaping ban

        11/13/19 - The Washington Times - Peter Roff

Is vaping safe?

        11/15/19 - Heart Matters - British Heart Foundation

Why this addiction expert says e-cigarettes are ‘holy grail’ for public health

        10/2/19 - CNBC - Sally Satel

Time for The Lancet to realign with the evidence on e-cigarettes?

        11/16/19 - The Lancet - John N Newton

Don’t destroy the nicotine vaping industry

        11/25/19 - USA Today - Gregory Conley

Banning flavored e-cigarettes has consequences

        11/28/19 - The Pueblo Chieftain - Guy Bentley

        (Originally published by Inside Sources and reprinted by other papers)

Vape shop owner: I quit smoking thanks to vaping. Banning flavors hurts adults like me.

        12/5/19- USA Today - Nick Orlando

Vaping: Does the American Lung Association Have a Financial Conflict of Interest?

        12/6/19 - American Council on Science and Health - Cameron English

Knee-jerk vaping bans will fail public health, experts argue

        12/12/19 - OSU.EDU - Misti Crane

Evidence, alarm, and the debate over e-cigarettes

        12/13/19 - AAAS - Amy Fairchild, etc

Letter: Clear the air on vaping: Too many false claims circulate

        12/15/19 - St. Louis Post Dispatch - John Huck

New Study: Tax E-cigarettes, Increase Smoking

        12/17/19 - - Jonathan Adler

Don’t panic: Tobacco harm reduction saves lives

        12/19/19 - Washington Examiner - Jacob Grier

E-Cigarettes: The HHS Smoking Gun

        12/19/19 - Real Clear Health - Steve Pociask and Krisztina Pusok

Since Adolescent Drug Use Trends Are Otherwise Unalarming, Let's Freak Out About Vaping

        12/19/19 - Reason - Jacob Sullum

U.S. Prefers Mass Hysteria to Sound Policy on Vaping

        12/19/19 - Bloomberg - Joe Nocera

Vapers: A Key New Addition to the ‘Leave Us Alone’ Coalition

        12/19/19 - The American Spectator - Grover Norquist

Blame Anti-Tobacco Advocates for Youth Vaping "Epidemic"

        12/20/19 - Competitive Enterprise Institute - Michelle Minton

Ohio State public health leader warns of knee-jerk reactions to vaping illness outbreak

        12/20/19 - Columbus Dispatch - Max Filby

American Lung Association’s “Quit, Don’t Switch” Campaign a Big Mistake

        1/8/2020 - Filter - Chelsea Boyd

Banning e-cigarettes is not the answer, sensible regulation is the way to go

        1/8/2020 - Lansing State Journal - Guy Bentley

The vaping panic is looking eerily like the start of a new drug war

        1/18/2020 - Business Insider - Anthony L. Fisher

Raising Taxes on e-Cigarettes Increases Cigarette Sales, New Research Shows

        2/17/2020 - Georgia State University - Michael Pesko

False fears preventing smokers from using e-cigarettes to quit 

        3/4/2020 - Gov.UK - Public Health England

Vaping bans are ineffective, experts report

        3/4/2020 - Medical Xpress - Rice University

The American Consumer Institute Releases a Study on the Health Impact of E-Cigarettes and Their Regulations

        3/9/20 - Business Wire

The Harm-Reduction Quandary of Reducing Adult Smoking While Dissuading Youth Initiation

        3/26/20 -  American Journal of Public Health - Thomas Miller, JD

Demystifying Nicotine: Unethical to Deprive People of Less Harmful Alternatives says health activist

        Nov 10, 2020 - South Africa Today


Letter to the Editor Regarding Vaping Article

        10/29/19 - Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal - Rabbi Yehuda Spitz

Other Resources

E-Liquid & E-Cig Research (studies) - ongoing project


VTA - 21 and Done


MN Smoke Free - Action plan addressing youth use of nicotine products


Retailer Guide to Age Verification Resources

        2019 - Not4Kids

Vape Poll Tracking - ongoing project

        Not date specific

“Approved” Methods Are Not For Everyone!

 Reports of Psychotic Violence on Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix Pile Up But Pfizer Isn't Seeing Them


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E-Cigarette Uptake Amongst UK Youth: Experimentation, but Little or No Regular Use in Nonsmokers 

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