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Scouts Canada has asked all groups and sections to cease activities and postpone all events until further notice. In the light of the current situation, it is prudent to adhere to this request. We are looking forward to getting back together and begin our summer program focused on canoeing. For the time being, we ask you to use your better judgement and keep healthy until we can meet again.

In the short term, this means that Monday meetings are cancelled until further notice, Scout Truck rally is postponed and Voyager Camp is on hold.

Stay safe and healthy.

Voyageur Camp (on hold)

A lightweight backcountry canoe trip is planned for May 8-10, in Algonquin Park. This is the annual Voyageur Camp which is available to Scouts who have demonstrated the appropriate skills. At this time we are gauging the level of interest for this camp. Scouts wishing to participate should let their intentions known by Monday, March 9th.

A Scout wishing to participate should have good paddling skills, have good experience with tenting, be familiar with lightweight stoves, and be able to pack his/her equipment concisely in a backpack.

For reference, we are providing the emergency plan for the last Voyageur Camp at the Barron Canyon:


Here is the associated gear list: