Autumn Term dates

Monday: classes finish on 16/12/19 (no class at 6pm)

Class recommences on 06/01/20

Friday: classes finish on 13/12/19

Class recommences on 10/01/20

Spring term dates

Monday: 06/01/20-16/03/20 (10 week block)

No class on 17/02/20 (half term)

Friday: 10/01/20-13/03/20 (9 week block)

No class on 14/02/20


St Paul's Church Parish Rooms,

St Paul’s Hill, Winchester

SO22 5AB

6:00pm - 6:55pm  Spaces

7:00pm - 7.55pm  Full

8:05pm - 9:00pm  Full


Jubilee Hall, London Road,

Kingsworthy. SO23 7QN

10:05am - 11:00am Spaces

£12 per class

 Blocks to be paid for in advance.

Late payment will be charged at £1 a day.

Any unattended classes not advised before a block commences are non-refundable.

New clients are required to have a 1 to 1 session before joining a class.

1 to 1 sessions cost £50

Please contact me on

to arrange a 1 to 1 session

or for class enquiries