Pretty Mossy


Gorgeous, over the top and altogether fabulous. One of my favourites if you want to make a statement. Made with a heap of moss agate, aventurine, swarovski pearls and flecked with gold accents.

Fruit Pudding


A perfectly conservative bracelet with a bit of edge to it still. Materials: rose quartz, swarovski pearls.

Pebble Bay


For effortless elegance - I especially like the pastel colours and semi precious composition of this one. Love the purple amethyst, green aventurine and pink rose quartz, finished off with a shiny swarovski pearl in the middle.

A Forest’s Secret


Definitely not for the weak-hearted - another statement piece in mossy forest undertones this time. Materials: green semi precious stones, assorted glass pearls.

Garden Vegetable


Love how the colours pop in this piece. Perfect for accessorising a simple outfit. Materials: Green and orange aventurine.

Pearls and Champagne


Pearls and glass crystal - what’s not to like. The go-to bracelet on a day your wrist requires adorning - never fails an outfit. Materials: glass pearls, champagne coloured glass crystal.

The Romantic


Valentines Day doesn’t come once a month with this bracelet. Materials: rose quartz, glass pearls and gold coloured charms.

I Want to Believe


Crazy UFO colours: check. Materials: Green and magenta semi precious stones. Cute alien charm to boot.



No such thing as too much aventurine and jade in one bracelet. The festive shades in this one remind me of the pawpaw fruit.

Copper Penny


A youthful and decisive piece - featuring a heap of frosted glass beads for texture, faceted lucite drops, matte pink swarovski pearls and focal bronze rose charms.

The Constant Gardener


Another garden-themed piece with a bit of spunk and kitsch. Materials: glass pearls, lucite leaves and flowers