The 1975 and The Situationist International 1968

So, I’m going to try and explain how the two things in my title link together. I got the idea for writing this after I saw Matty like @sugarcoatedpill ‘s tweet.

The Situationist International was a movement in France in May 1968. It had a huge impact on French society. To quote Wikapedia it was a “cultural, social and moral turning point in the country”. The movement was not a movement that was political, it was much more cultural. The whole movement began with students, young people, much like the majority of The 1975’s fan base. The young people began to kick against capitalism and consumerism. It led to 22% of France’s population striking for two consecutive weeks. The country was on the brink of civil war. There was major conflict between the police and the students. Many popular singers and artists got involved after the brutality of the authorities was uncovered.

I’ll try not to talk too much about the history, it an easy thing to research, but now I’ve given an outline of what happened I can explain how this links to The 1975. The movement was fueled by art, graffiti and music.  

La Poesie Est Dans La Rue En Couleur Pleine De Vie

Personally, I don’t speak French very well. But it roughly translates to, Poetry is in the streets living in full colour. You might recognise this phrase from a number of places.

This phrase has been a running theme throughout the eras, we’ve also seen Matty tweet the phrase. I’m not sure if this is the concept of Music For Cars. It has been a running theme throughout all of the eras but it’s definitely something interesting to think about.

There have been countless references to the Situationist International movement across social media. I’ve found a few examples but I’m sure there are probably more. Some of these were found by @sugarcoatedpill on Twitter.

Posted on Matty’s Instagram on the 29th September 2017.

Its is a French book and this picture is the English translation, the title in French reads as Traité de savoir-vivre à l’usage des jeunes générations. This translates to “reatise on Living for the Younger Generations”. This book was written by a philosopher and a one time member of The Situationist International.

Matty’s old twitter header.

This is a picture taken during the Situationist International Protests.

The picture on the left was posted back in 2015 on Instagram.

The book underneath the main book is the same book as the one on the left. A book about the Situationist International, written by Simon Ford.

The last clue is my favourite. Whilst researching the book “The Revolution of Everyday Life. I came across some facts about Guy Debord. For anyone who knows The 1975’s song “Loving Someone”, you’ll recognise the name. There’s a lyric in the song that goes “Even Guy Debord needed spectacles”. I used to just see this as ironic, Guy Debord needed glasses and he also wrote a famous piece called “The Society of the Spectacle”. But what really struck me whilst researching Guy Debord, I found that he was a founding member of The Situationist International. The first book we looked at that Matty is holding, is a book that is filled with criticism for Guy Debord.

I’m not exactly sure what message Matty is trying to say.. My best guess is art and music can create a social revolution, which we are much in need of today. And what better way to do it? Through a band that represents a huge number of liberal and compassionate young people such as ourselves. Wether this is the message for Music For Cars, or has been the message right from day one, and represents this trilogy of records I am not sure. But I do know is we are reflective of the past, we are capable of starting a revolution and The 1975’s music is our catalyst for change.

This band continues to blow my mind everyday, I’m so thankful for this band as I can truly immerse myself in so much more than just their music, and I know many other people do the same.

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Lots of love x