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Duty of Candour and what it means to our patients

This document provides our patients with information about the Duty of Candour at The Barbara Castle Dental Practice.

What is Duty of Candour?

New rules to toughen transparency in NHS organisations to increase patient confidence within the delivery of care has resulted in the Government creating Statutory Regulations relating to Duty of Candour. 

Candour means frankness, openness and honesty. 

The aim of the regulation is to ensure that providers of healthcare, like our dental practice, are open and honest with patients when things go wrong with their care and treatment.

The regulations apply to the patient themselves and, in certain situations, to people acting on their behalf, for example when something happens to a child - or to a person over the age of 16 who lacks the capacity to make decisions about their care.

The Duty of Candour was one of the recommendations in the report to help ensure that NHS organisations are open and honest about their actions and that incidents are properly reported – and ensures that patients are also told about them. 

How do staff at The Barbara Castle Dental comply with Duty of Candour?

  1. They will tell someone if they have been involved in and/or observed where a patient may have been harmed or had the potential to be harmed by something not being done.
  2. They will report the actual and or potential incident.
  3. We ensure there is an appropriate level of investigation
  4. We ensure that the patient/family/patient representative is informed within 10 working days of the decision that the incident is a moderate/permanent harm incident
  5. We ensure an apology is provided and documented in the patient notes
  6. We ensure that a step by step explanation is offered as soon as possible pending the investigation.
  7. We ensure the final investigation will be shared with the patient/family/patient representative within 10 days of approval

If you have any questions about Duty of Candour you can use our  suggestion cards or send an email to  for the attention of Akpo Siekpe or

CQC National Customer Service Centre Citygate


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