Little Melton Community Trust

Report for the year ended 31 December 2015

The financial position of the Trust continues to be sound. Income from the Village Hall remained similar to that of 2014 however the way in which this is generated has changed. Our expenditure was lower this year as less was spent on new equipment we did however replace the heaters in the main hall at a cost of £3,200 which were the originals from when the hall was built. As a result we had a small surplus of income for the year of £700 leaving our reserves at the end of the year at £16,221.

As mentioned above the income from hiring the hall continues to change with the cessation of the hire for dance classes this being replaced by two additional fitness classes. The short mat bowls club has continued to thrive with there being a Tuesday afternoon session all year and Thursday evenings during the autumn and winter. The income from private hire for childrens parties and other private events increased this year it having fallen in the last 2 years. The facilities are good so please do tell friends about the hall which is available for hire at competitive rates. This year was the 25th anniversary of the hall being opened to celebrate this a village dance was organised for the summer. The attendance at this was disappointing.

The objectives of the Trust are to provide or assist in the provision of the Village Hall and other facilities for the use of the inhabitants of the parish and such other charitable purposes as the Trustees see fit. There is money available to help start other activities and proposals from any parishioners would be welcomed and considered by the committee.

There was no Village Show last year, we are pleased to announce that there will be a show in 2016 the date for this being 10 September 2016. More details will follow in the next 1/4ly parish newsletter and the Good News.

2015 was a year of change for the committee and trustees many of whom have served since the hall was opened. As mentioned last year Jean Chamberlain stood down as booking secretary in April and was replaced by Helen Symonds, thanks go to Helen for taking on this role. Jean has however  continued to be a valuable member of the committee.

As announced last year Richard Smith left the village in late summer resigning as Chairman and Trustee having been Chairman since the Trust commenced. At present there is no fixed Chairman in place this position being rotated between the committee members at present. We have welcomed two new members to the committee recently, John Turner who also assists in the running of the Meltonians and Mary Starr. I would like to thank all the other members of the committee for their contributions during the last year. Thanks also go to John Symonds who acts as caretaker for the hall. I have continued to act as Treasurer and have prepared the accounts on the Trustee's behalf.

The accounts will be on the agenda for approval at the forthcoming AGM which is to be held on Monday 7th March at 8.00pm at the Village Hall. This is an open meeting and all parishioners are welcome to attend.

Melanie Sutton                                            3 February 2016

Trustee and Treasurer of the Village Hall Committee