Diary of a Superhero

Camp Blues

Friday, June 3rd

I know, I know, I have a new diary but the only reason I have a diary is because I love sharing my stories with friends and this diary is putting me on the map! By that I mean, I have 1 friend now! Isn’t that awesome? So today, my mom told me I have to go something called Camp Blue, I told my mom that it sounds like you get sick there but she didn’t believe me. Whatever, at least Betty is going to be there! If you didn’t read my last diary, Betty is a friend (the 1 friend I have now) that I found at a party, the party was too disgusting to talk about so I’m going to let you read it. The bad thing about camp is that Brady’s going to be there. Brady is the one who threw the party and humiliated me. I need to pack right now, so I will write in this thing when I’m at camp.

Saturday, June 4th

Today is camp, when I walked in the manager led me to my cabin and everyone in there was sick. After the first 5 minutes of hiding in the corner, I didn’t really care and I just tried to know them. They all have these funky nicknames for each other. One of them is called nose picker. Once I heard that name, I walked out of the cabin and saw Betty, they split the boys and girls out between the whole camp. I saw her walk away, but Brady walked in and guess what? He’s in my cabin!

Sunday, June 5th

The counselors walk up us up at 7 pm sharp today and they said we could dress up as whatever we want. I dressed up as superman and I told Betty to dress up as superwoman. Once Brady found out, he decided to dress as a blue robot and he gave Betty and I candy. In less than a hour our voices got deeper and freaked out many people. Because of this, we angrily split up to find out who the purple robot is. Betty successfully found Brady near the lake. She called me informed me it was Brady who made our voices deeper, but Brady’s bodyguards Demetri and E-von force Betty into the robot costume. Brady silenced her and put a magnetic seal on the head so Betty cannot take off the costume. Meanwhile, I got my real voice back, and Betty probably did too. After Betty was sent downstairs, she is caught by Freddie and Jackson who are friends with Betty and I. Betty was unable to tell me that it is her in the costume, not Brady. Subsequently she is suspended and lowered twenty times in Jackson's new game, Jerk Basket, everyone thinking that it is Brady being punished. After I felt I had my revenge, I realized Brady was right behind me, happily watching Betty get jerked. Brady unlocked Betty’s robot head and I found an angry Betty. Brady finally felt he has had his revenge for the Betty and I for messing up his party. I pretended I felt sorry and I let Brady stay at the party so Brady tells Demetri and E-von that they may leave, but after they have left I make Freddie "dangle" him above Jackson's Jerk Basket. I finally let him fall, and he collapsed into a huge pile of toys and such. All the partygoers clapped and cheered as Brady is then suspended and dropped once more. Betty was super mad at me and said she never wanted to see me again. I cried for a little while in the corner and she did too in the other corner.

Monday, June 6th

The next day, nose picker went up to me in my sleep and licked me. I woke up and pushed him away and wanted to take a shower but I was too lazy so I slept again. In the morning, I woke up and was sneezing all over the place. I asked the camp leader if I could call my mom and go home and he said yes.

Tuesday, June 7th

My mom took me home today and I felt really sick so I wrote in this thing, that’s why I’m at this point in the diary right now.

Tuesday, June 14th

I feel so much better now since it’s been a week since I was sick. My mom said I don’t have to go back to camp and now I have nothing on my chest so I’m going to play video games all summer! It’s going to be the best summer ever! Now that I finished a whole year with 3 different diaries, now I think I’m done with this diary stuff. Bye!