Open.Media Equipment Guide

There are a wide variety of options when purchasing equipment. This guide suggests equipment solutions for YouTube Live integration. It's important to do your research before purchasing any equipment. Not all items on this list are compatible with one another; each category of gear may not be necessary either.

Minimally, you will need a video signal (such as a camera) and an encoder (either hardware or software based). We recommend having a computer available to monitor your stream as well. Prices range from free if you have a video enabled cell phone to fairly expensive multi-camera setups. We are happy to help guide you through this process if you reach out to us at

Hardware Encoders

An Encoder takes a video input and converts it to data to send to your Content Delivery Network such as YouTube Live.

Hardware Switcher/Encoders

A switcher takes multiple video signals and allows you to cut between them. In many cases a switcher will also incorporate graphics into your broadcast. A hardware switcher includes capture cards with variable  input options. A hardware or software switcher is necessary if you are using multiple cameras or would like to incorporate graphics.

Software Switcher

Note: You may also need a capture device in order to input cameras into your computer

Capture Card

A capture card takes a video input into your computer, allowing you to utilize a software switcher.

Camera & Controller

Controllers generally cost $1000 - $2000 each and must utilize the same PTZ protocol as your camera.

Other Considerations

For more information and prices for additional equipment, please do not hesitate to ask. Email us at

*Optional: Open.Media can Buy & Install your Equipment

(Prices include installation & troubleshooting)