After logging into CurateND, to deposit a work click on the + sign next to your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Choose more options on the list of items available and a new screen will open asking what type of work you are uploading.

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Choose the appropriate work type for the specific item that you are uploading. If you do not see that specific work type (book, presentation, etc.) listed then choose Document as the work type. The Document work type has several options available to highlight other types of work that are not as common as the work types listed. Click Add New.

Fill out the form explaining what the material is as completely as possible. As you fill out the form consider how other individuals will be finding your works to review during their research and put the appropriate information in so that the item is easily found and used.

If you see a +Add button be sure to click on that as you fill each field out to make sure that information is captured during upload.

Choose the appropriate owner of the materials by selecting myself for your own work or the appropriate individual if you are uploading on behalf of someone else.

The Title, Creator, and Abstract fields are mandatory and must be filled in to upload the materials to the system.

On the right hand side you can add another individual that is in the system that is allowed to edit the content of the submission. This would be an individual that is a co-author or owner of the materials.

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Review the Additional Information fields and fill in as much information as you have available. You may not have information for each field and if that is the case it is ok to leave these fields blank. The more additional information that you can fill in at this point the better the chance of other individuals finding and using the item.

While filling out the fields if you have questions please feel free to contact with any questions that you may have.

Once the information on the item is filled out scroll down the page to Add Your Content section. Attach your file or item by providing an external link or by browsing through your files and selecting the exact item that is related to the information you provided above.  If the file is greater than 50MB please contact for further assistance.

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) can be added to the record to help other researchers with citing your materials through permanent link. You have the option of adding a DOI at this point. If you choose to add a DOI make sure that the publisher field is filled out since it is required to make the identifier.

Next choose the Access Rights to the material. This access right restricts how other people can see the item. You can restrict access so that it is private and only you can view the item, allow only people from the University of Notre Dame to see the item, or have it be visible to anyone in the world that can be discovered through a standard internet search. You can also embargo the item by selecting a future date for it to become visible to anyone in the world but until that date it is private to only you.

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If the item is NOT PUBLISHED you can attach a Creative Commons license to it. The Creative Commons license tells researchers how they can use your materials. For more information about Creative Commons licenses please visit this website:

The final step is to agree to the CurateND Content Submission Terms.

After you have filled out the information and attached the file you are now ready to upload the complete item to the system. At the bottom of the page click on the Create Document (or other work type) button and the item will be uploaded.


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If during this process you have any questions or need further assistance please contact us at any time at