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We have been learning to be Scientists

Success criteria:

  • Pose an inquiry question around plants

  • Create and and write an experiment to help find out

  • Make an hypothesis                                

  • Explain the importance of fair testing                

  • Make observational notes

  • Label a diagram

  • Make conclusions


My comment:IMG_0789.JPG

Firstly we learnt about germination. I didn’t even though what this word was!! Riya said that plants couldn’t grow without soil so we did an experiment growing seeds in a bag with tissue. We did observations on this every day and drew diagrams. We watched a timelapse- youtube video, to break down all the steps in germination. In another experiment we covered the seeds with a black piece of paper to keep the sunlight out. But the beans still germinated! We then wrote an explanation about this.

We went on a journey to find leaves, and then filled in a sheet, writing down their measurements and shapes. We then compared the leaves with a friends, and created a "venndiagram" showing

The differences and similarities of the leaves. It was a literary option so we could have more time on it. We also did a experiment on celery to see where water goes in the plant. We used dye instead of water hoping that it would be bright enough to see the dye traveling through the plant. The blue dye was bright enough to see it traveling, and we saw thin veins with the dye traveling through them.


In writing we were sorted into groups and our task was to come up with an experiment to find

Out something we wanted to find out about plants. Our groups question was: do plants sweat?

Our hypothesis was: we think plants sweat when their hot, like humans. We listed down all the details and materials and most importantly, the method. We had quite a few writing times to get it finished, and work on writing was a literary option. We then published our writing onto a doc and followed the method to our experiment. We took our time to take photos and draw a diagram of what this looked like.

Some new sciency words we learnt: germination, hypothesis, embryo, seed coat, food store,

Cotyledon, radical and respiration.

Kelly’s comment:

You have been a keen scientist this term Eva!! You have learnt by exploring, experimenting, observing, comparing and contrasting and by researching and asking. You can experiment every day at home and  school. You came up with a very interesting inquiry question and discovered there is many things to consider and think about when writing an experiment.