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‭Sunday January 13 2013

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This last week while hanging out on one of the pirate radio chat rooms I noticed that one of the members had a new SDR up and running and was streaming it via an android app.  Well I couldn't resist and added the GLSDR app to my tablet via the Google Play store and in less than a minute I was looking at the waterfall display and hearing the audio with less than a second of delay. This was very cool. So cool in fact I spent the entire next day at work looking at SDR rigs. From the $20 soft rocks to the truly awe inspiring SDR-IP and AOR AR-2300.  Yeah. It may be time to upgrade the Gulch. looking at the NetSDR from RFspace.  That may be in my future later this year.

  Anyway, glSDR app for android. had some fun playing with that. Several radios available to listen to. and best of all- its free.

Check out the VOACAP website for sign propagation models.

In the January edition of the NASWA Journal Mike Rohde interviews Radio True North. The Pirate Station out of the great white North attributes much of his style and inspiration to the Euro pirates.  He gos on to describe his early involvement in radio and why he broadcasts. A short but good read.  Its only $31 a year to be a member of NASWA. great organization that I am a proud member of. Thanks Mike for the Pirate Radio Report, always enjoy reading it.


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Pirates in the news

FCC Watch

Memorandum Opinion and Order issued last week in regards to a 2009 Notice of Liability for 10,000 against  Dexter Blake of Mount Vernon, New York. Mr blake was operating a station on 101.5 FM. In his petition for reconsideration of his ten thousand dollar fine Dexter admits to having operated the unlicensed station, but claims that cancellation is warranted because the individual from whom he received the equipment did not advise him that  he needed an FCC license. In addition, Mr. Blake requests a reduction or cancellation of the forfeiture based on his inability to pay. The FCC has now ruled that Ignorance is no defence and upheld the fine, however due to his lack of finances they have lowered the fine to 1700.

News Items

From the Blogosphere:

Due you like ring tones? Well Kieth Peron, from PCJ media is announcing that he will soon be making available over 100 different ring tones for your smart phone of Shortwave station interval signals. Some of them were recorded directly off shortwave, satellite and include ones that are studio copies. They are all recorded between 1930 and 2012. There will be a charge of 10$ for the full package.

John Anderson has once again posted a awesome annual wrap up of the FCC enforcement action on his blog DYImedia dot com.

 Jhons begins...

After plummeting in 2011, FCC enforcement against unlicensed broadcasting rebounded ever so slightly last year – but not in any meaningful fashion.

About 100 pirate radio stations in 19 states had contact with the federales in 2012, resulting in 245 specific enforcement actions. Interestingly, the vast majority of these happened in the first half of the year; for some reason, enforcement activity took a nosedive in July and never recovered. 

John gos on to reference a few cases against specific pirate operators, illustrating the continuing administrative nature, with visits and warning letters the preferred tools of the FCC.



HF Underground

ChrisSmolinski posted a link to a blog post where he descibes his thoughts of his newly purchased RTL SDR USB dongle. $17 ! but there no knobs on it so, the questin is- is it reallya radio?

‭Alt Radio Pirate

‭FROM The...... FREE RADIO WEEKLY #884, Jan 12, 2013

Covering Free Radio activity from January 5 to January 11, 2013  are the stations logged last week.

Stations heard on air this month include stations of:

Blue Ocean Radio:

CRW Crazy Wave Radio

Eccentric Shortwave

Radio Ga Ga

Rave On Radio

Undercover Radio 




Capt Crunch


OP Promo

‭on air now?

Warn on F bombs.     Check the drop!

Off Air Recordings‭   (no need to notify me, I’ll see the new upload)

Be sure to have the freq/date in the title or the ID3 tags, there’s also a shoutbox on the page, and don't forget to say who uploaded the clips, I’d like to give you credit.

WMPR 6925 AM 20:05-21:00 1/12/13 SINPO 45444

Dance mx. Micro Powered Radio ID’s  (RD)

WRRI Radio Random International 6925 usb 00:08-00:30 1/12/13 SINPO 35333

Computerized voice ID of “WRRI Radio Random International”  Several Rush songs, some parody of Rush songs. (RD)

  Red Mercury Labs 6925 USB SIO 333-434  Audio (01:25z-01:29z)  01-07-13

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‭Other Radio News:

In a letter from John Figliozzi concerning the upcoming Winterfest

Here is preliminary information on the forums and presenters that will be offered on Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2 at the 2013 Winter SWL Fest.  

From the WBCQ Archives - Larry Will

The Annual Pirate Forum - George Zeller

QRP: Operating and Listening at Low Power - Skip Arey

Economically Enhancing Your Collection thru Auctions and Flea Markets - Ed Mauger/Ron Hunsicker

Defeating Jammers with Text By Shortwave - Kim Andrew Elliott/Thomas Witherspoon

The Shortwave Shindig - David Goren (Friday night confirmed)

Sounds from Space: Monitoring and Tracking Satellites Using HF - Dave Marthouse

IRR report talks a bit about the upcoming SWL fest, take a listen to CKUT’s IRR

March 1–2, 2013, Doubletree Guest Suites, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania



Shout out to Blue Ocean Radio for relaying last weeks show on the pirate band, always nice to hear.

What did we learn this week?

Boat Anchor Sweep

Worst Pirate

96‭ ‬bit,‭ ‬41000,‭ ‬40bit‭ ‬41000 ‭MONO



change date in audio file link, copy link to DOWNLOAD'S


Low bit rate file can be downloaded on the FTP MB

Broadcast versions no longer available, ya get what ya get.


Check out the VOACAP website for sign propagation models. The  glSDR app for android is fun too.

‭Pirates in the news this week include FCC action. John Anderson has once again posted a awesome annual wrap up of the FCC enforcement action on his blog.  Kieth Peron, from PCJ media is announcing that he will soon be making available over 100 different ring tones.

‭Select postings from the Free Radio Network, HF Underground and note stations logged per the Free Radio Weekly

Off Air Recordings include the stations of: WMPR, WRRI, and  Red Mercury Labs.

SWL Fest update from the International Radio Report.

‭Background music from the Podsafe Music Network.

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