Kristy Raine

Reference Librarian and Archivist  |  Busse Library

Mount Mercy University

Principles of Marketing (BK 208): Spring 2016

Be a Volkswagen Detective: Show Me What You Know

  1. Find a 2015 or 2016 magazine article about Volkswagen’s recent marketing efforts since the emissions scandal.

  1. Find a 2015 or 2016 magazine article discussing Volkswagen’s recent R&D efforts (research and development) in the area of diesel engines.

  1. Find a recent company profile (created by a research firm) of Volkswagen.

  1. Find a 2015 or 2016 discussion of Volkswagen’s role and the impact of the scandal to the larger automotive industry.

  1. Find a detailed industry analysis of Volkswagen’s production and sales in Germany.

  1. Find a recent SWOT (2014-2016) for Volkswagen.

  1. Find a 2014-2016 discussion of Volkswagen’s targeted audience (preferred demographics).

  1. Find Volkswagen’s number of employees.  Also name the market where its stock is traded, as well as its most recent annual sales figures.

  1. List six brands associated with the Volkswagen group.  Now find target audience data/information for one of the brands in your roster.

  1. Name two direct competitors (companies) for Volkswagen.  Explain how they influence Volkswagen’s products and company operations.