#162 - Into the Nexus: “Stay positive, don’t die”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

We took to Team League with a 3 stack this week and were “balanced out” with double bronzers.

Jeff... how do you deal with this? Is this your life?  -Hey come on, Ive never been bronze


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Basic Abilities

Heroic Abilities



2.0 Launch Event & New Hero Reveal April 25th

Join us at 11:00 a.m. PDT on Tuesday, April 25 for a walkthrough of everything coming with Heroes of the Storm 2.0, live interviews with members of the development team, an exhibition match between two of our top HGC teams, as well as a brand new cinematic, which will reveal the next Hero coming to the Nexus!


April 20th Balance Update

Spyrian’s comment on why things like Uther appeared in notes but not in the beta.

Lets try something different here. Maybe we can have Jeff lead with how the character is performing in his league.

Cassia - Buff

Fend and Valkyrie buff with a nerf to Ball of Lightning

Fend (E)

​Ball Lightning (R)

Valkyrie (R)

Greymane - Buff

Inner Beast (W) - Less version of Wolfheart baked in. You can talent for greater effect.

Cursed Bullet (R)

Nazeebo - Nerf

Early game buff (Toads), late game nerf.

Plague of Toads (E)

Gargantuan (R)

Level 13 - Superstition (Passive)

Level 20 - Vile Infection (Trait)

Auriel - Buff

Basic ability damage increase

Sacred Sweep (Q)

Detainment Strike (E)

Level 7 - Empathic Link (Trait) (Nerf Reverted)

Level 20 - Shield of Hope (Active)

Brightwing - QoL

Soothing Mist (Trait)

Li Li - Buff

Blinding Wind (E)

Tassadar - Nerf

Basic Attack damage increased from 10 to 12

Plasma Shield (Q)

Force Wall (R)

Level 1 - Khaydarin Resonance (Passive)

Level 20 - Twilight Archon ®

Anub’arak - Nerf

Range Indicators

Locust Swarm (R) Yay, more range indicators!

Level 7 - Subterranean Shield (E) Shields just getting jacked this patch

Level 16 - Epicenter (E)

ETC - Buff

Health increased from 2100 to 2180

Health Regeneration increased from 4.375 to 4.543

Level 1 - Guitar Hero (E)

Level 4 - Speed Metal (Passive)

Level 7 - Pinball Wizard (W)

Level 7 - Hammer-On (Passive)

Stitches - Buff

Health increased from 2900 to 3000

Health Regeneration increased from 6.043 to 6.25

Slam (W)

Zarya - Nerf

Energy (Trait) Decays half a point more per second (20% increase)

Graviton Surge (R) 

Level 1 - Demolitions Expert (Q)

Level 4 - Give Me Twenty (E)

Level 4 - Speed Barrier (E)


Other Changes


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