Sensation and Perception

Day 2-5



  1. Identify how each part of the eye functions in vision.
  2. Map the path visual information takes from the retina to the primary visual cortex.
  3. Identify how we detect the difference between one color and another.
  4. List two major theories that attempt to explain color vision.


  1. Analyze what determines the pitch and loudness of a sound.
  2. Identify the functions of the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear.
  3. List two major theories that attempt to explain hearing.
  4. Identify some of the major causes of hearing loss.

Smell and Taste

  1. Map the path smell messages take from the nose to the brain.
  2. Identify the primary taste sensations.
  3. Analyze how the primary taste sensations are detected.

The Skin Senses

  1. Describe how the skin provides sensory information.
  2. Analyze the function of pain.
  3. Identify how pain is influenced by psychological factors, culture, and endorphins.


  1. You will be divided into groups and assigned a specific sense.

  1. Each group needs to . . .
  1. Develop a TedEd lesson (
  2. Develop a PowToon that demonstrates their assigned sense(s).
  3. Develop a demonstration(s) that pertains to their assigned sense.

  1. Groups will be given two days to research and prepare their presentations.
  1. Use a minimum of three sources—one textual source.  Remember, Wikipedia is not a good source!
  2. Include a works cited page to turn in with your demonstration.
  1. Use MLA format
  2. Suggestion:

  1. Group presentations will be given on Thursday and Friday.
  1. Thursday—Group Vision; Group Smell and Taste
  2. Friday—Group Hearing; Group Skin Senses

  1. Grading (25 Points Each—Total of 75 Points)
  1. TedEd
  1. Accomplishment of the Objectives (5)
  2. Minimum of 1 YouTube video (max 5 min in length) (5)
  3. 5 Multiple Choice Questions (5)
  4. Two discussion questions (5)
  5. Final Thoughts section (5)
  1. PowToon
  1. Creativity (8)
  2. Relevance to Assigned Sense (9)
  3. Length:  50 Seconds (8)
  1. Demonstration(s)
  1. Accomplishment of the Objectives (9)
  2. Creativity (8)
  3. Organizational skills (8)

  1. Late Grades
  1. A penalty of -5 points will be given for each day passed the due date.