Titre : Technology + assessment + active learning + differentiation + relationship-based language teaching in stations…Really? Oui!

Animation : Tracy Rosen and Lindsay Harrar

Description :

There are so many different initiatives we'd like to fit into our classrooms - video lessons, teacher-student conferencing, and creative projects all sound wonderful but the logistics around how to integrate them into our daily lessons, all the while ensuring our students have ample time to practice speaking their target language can sometimes seem tricky. This workshop will use a station-rotation model to demonstrate how we can effectively integrate more of these strategies specifically for second language classrooms in ways that make sense for us and our learners. Come experience first-hand how stations can help facilitate a differentiated and blended classroom environment that focuses on teacher-student relationship to increase learner success for all. Be prepared to jump right into it! Bring your own device if you can! (A limited amount will be available for those who need them)

Type d’atelier : J’explore et je crée : Un atelier mains sur les touches (participants actifs)

Préalables : Aucun

Ressources : Teacher Story Videos:

Emilie Bowles on Stations - http://trpd.ca/EmilieStations 

Lindsay Harrar on Stations - http://trpd.ca/LindsayStations 

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