Wut happens

Main characta

Ma characta

Mustafa is sitting in his place

Yeats comes up

Mustafa gets mad at yeats and the cook comes

Gotta get back to Shari, gotta get back to Shari Ooh a door! That'll work

Hey, it’s the cook shari talked about! Woo!

Hey! Leave me alone! Oh hi cook!

Mmmm… cabbage sooooup! Yummy!



Niiiiice maggot! Nice maggot!



Mustafa was sitting in his spot. He watched the people walk by. “Maggots!” He muttered to himself. He took a spoonful of his cabbage soup. Then a small maggot  came up and pushed him out of his spot. “Fat Maggot!” He yelled. The maggot didn’t seem to notice. “Filth!” He yelled a little louder. The maggot turned to him. “My spot, young maggot! Mohassin! Tell this maggot to leave my spot!” The cook came over and looked at the maggot. He started speaking “God’s blessings, child.” He was being nice to the maggot! “Do not mind Mustafa’s scolding. The cabbages from my kitchen feed the poor and rich alike.” Mustafa shook his stick angrily. He just pushed me out of my spot! He thought“Come child, there is enough. No Mustafa! Do not shake your stick! Eat your cabbage soup with thankfulness or I’ll put you round the corner!” This was bad, this maggot was now important to his supply of cabbage soup! “Nice maggot. Come and sit with mustafa, there is room!” The maggot held out something shiny to Mohassin. Mustafa pointed with astonishment. Maggots didn’t normally have rings! Mohassin jumped at mustafa, clamping his hand over his mouth. Mustafa had trouble breathing and couldn’t hear what he said. He just nodded. “Then fear not and speak not.” Mohassin then pulled the maggot inside. Mustafa walked to the nearest person and told them about the shiny thing.

This maggot also clamped a hand over Mustafa’s mouth. He lead him to a close by alley. “I know a few people who would be very interested in that ‘shiny thing’” he said very calmly and politely. “We’ll just call them my friends. My friends would really like you to follow that boy. And I hate to disappoint my friends. Now! Get into that palace. My friends will help you.”

It still took some time for him to catch up with the maggot, even with the strange guard who winked at him and told him where to go. By the time he caught up with the maggot he was in the kitchen throwing food at the cook! As it was a shame to let good food go to waste, he picked up all the fruit and stashed them in his cloak. “STOP! STOP!” yelled Mohassin. “More, more!” yelled Mustafa. The maggot climbed up on a shelf and it fell down onto a guard “Clever maggot!” said Mustafa. The maggot ran away. Mustafa quickly hobbled out of the palace, forgetting what he was there for.

The next day, Mustafa was sitting in his spot when he smelt smoke. He looked over the palace wall and saw, woe behold, THE PALACE WAS BURNING DOWN! There was a bunch of guards in the courtyard, BUT THE CABBAGES COULD BURN! Mustafa bravely ran into the burning palace to save the cabbages. A fiery pillar fell down in his way, but he ran through  the flames screaming “CABBAGES, I’M COMING!” He reached the kitchens and grabbed as much as he could. A pot of cabbage soup, a basket of cabbages, some purple cabbages, some green cabbages! He had saved the cabbages! But then he realised. How was he going to get out?! Then he saw, window that had previously been blocked by a guard, was now clear! He jumped out the window and ran for his life! He made it to the city and sat in his spot.

He began to eat his cabbage soup.