Phase Disruption


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton

Winner of Nexus Raiders Design Competition: Andrew Starbuck (@the_starbuck)


Designed by Juras, a protoss scientist, during what is known as the Golden Age of Expansion, motherships are powerful support vessels made even more powerful by the khaydarin crystals they each possess inside. Whether warping or stealthing nearby units, they remain legendary flying fortresses that strike fear into the hearts of even the most battle-hardened Terran.

Andrew’s Design

Phase Disruption is a medium-sized Protoss Map taking place aboard a mothership. While it appears to be two-lane map, thanks to the disruptors, it’s actually four! Every player has an “F” ability which summons a Phase Disruptor to their location. The disruptor scans an area around the channeler and phases every ally (including minions and mercs) within the radius to the alternate layer of the map. The process takes approximately the same amount of time as hearthing (with the same cool down) and the channeler can be interrupted by any damage, canceling the disruptor. When the “phasers” arrive, there is an initial knockback that does minor damage to all enemies in the radius.

The Phasing Levels allow for all new, exciting strategy! You can phase right into the middle of an enemy attack or move minions and mercs to less defended lanes.

Speaking of mercs, Phase Disruption boasts 3 main offensive merc camps (per level). The Boss is a Colossus that moves very slow but has devastating siege damage. The Bruiser camps spawn a Stalker and 2 Zealots to fight for you. All aggressive camps move toward the lane with the most structures still active. The other two (per level) camps are all new…they’re defensive camps. They appear as an aggressive proton cannon (will attack anyone in range without provocation) but when defeated, will spawn a probe that will lane the toward the winners’ base...repairing walls, towers, forts, keeps and even the core. They are easily defeated but become harder to get to the further into the base they get. Once at a fully healed core, they leave the battlefield.

Both teams technically have 2 Core (one on each level), but a defeat of either ends the game.

Notes: While in the Hall of Storms, you may instantly phase between levels without triggering the “F” cooldown. Global abilities (ex. Dehaka’s Stalk, Artanis’ Purifier Beam, etc) only work on the same level the character is on.

En Taro Adun!

Jeff’s Choices

Map Name

        Paradise Aiur

Map Idea

        My map idea would take place on Aiur… but before it was destroyed by the zerg. This map would have the native habitat of Aiur- a spiritual rainforest that was precious to the Protoss and the very center of their intellectual growth.

Heroes on the battlefield are charged with controlling the power of the (K-Darrin) Khaydarin Crystals. There are 3 lanes on this map and at the hall of storms there would be a Khaydarin Crystal representing each of the lanes. Each team in the game is responsible for controlling the power of the crystals in each lane. This is done by having a player in every lane throughout the battle. If at any point of the battle if there is no hero in a respective lane the crystal for that lane will unleash a psionic storm in that lane that does small amounts of damage to the structures in that lane. If a team has a camp pushing in a lane they would count as a presence for that lane and it would not need to be occupied by a hero.

There is one times objective on the map- called the eye of the storm. Ever so often the crystals power would stop and the lanes would not need to be occupied for a short amount of time. When the timer is up the lanes would need to be occupied again forcing the team to break up and continue laning. it would give the teams hard choices on when to teamfight and when to leave lanes to push.

Event Quest & Reward

During each game of the event a random hero from each team is selected and transported to a different protoss ddamention. While in the dennison they are asked to solve a puzzle (similar to the kirin tor walking puzzle in WoW) on the floor there is a path that is illuminated and the player has to walk in the same path without stepping out of line. If they step out of line they fail and need to try again- it will be a very small puzzle and they will have until the time the game starts to complete it. If completed the whole team gets credit. Complete the quest 5 times and receive a floating crystal mount for the event.        

Dream Comps

        Andrew’s Map

        Sylvanas, E.T.C, Sonya, Ragnaros, Li Ming

        My Map

        Brightwing, Dehaka, Abathur, Falstad and Illidan

Dream Skins

Tassadar (Dark Templar)

Sergeant Hammer (Dragoon)

Astronaut Chu Gall

Kristen’s Choices

Map Name

        Neo Jade

Map Idea

        Both cores are Protoss Nexuses with three ramps leading up into the field of battle. This change of elevation means that at the top of the ridge, minions, mercs and Heroes can begin attacking the forward line of structures earlier than on other maps.

During the non-objective phase, research is being done to locate the location of a Khaydarin crystal patch. Once completed, teams have a limited amount of time to get the to location. When active, this patch can be mined by anyone that channels it. There is a set number of crystals that can be mined. When gone, the patch disappears until the next objective phase.

These crystals stay on the Heroes and can be dropped if the Hero is killed. Ideally, you want to get the crystals to your Nexus to power it up. The first nexus to 100 percent power immediately fires off three devastating shots directly at the enemy’s Nexus, utterly destroying it.

With three lanes, it has the usual four merc camps (two probes in place of giants and four Protoss adepts in place of bruisers) and comes with a mothership boss in the center

Event Quest & Reward


                At start of the game, tiny enemy probes start looking around your base. Kill them.


                Probe mount for the first level. Golden probe mount for maximum completion.

Dream Comps

        Andrew’s Map

                E.T.C., Brightwing, Dehaka, Zeratul (vision on enemy team), Li Ming

My Map

                Diablo, Gul’dan, Lunara, Malfurion, Samuro

Dream Skins


                All Protoss now have a matching jersey set. Raynor included.

        Inventor Nazeebo

All summons are now little robo-creations. Nazeebo wears a lab coat and some crazy goggles while the Ravenous Spirit is now a hologram.

        Crystal-Infused Kharazim

In a series of dark and crazy experiments, the Protoss thought it would be an interesting experiment to see what would happen if powerful crystals were shoved into a Nephalem.