1.  Downloading TweetDeck  - Go to http://www.tweetdeck.com and select the option to download like pictured below:

2.  On A Mac You be redirected to the Mac App Store Like below:

Here you can view in the Mac App Store and Download the Application for FREE!  Once Installed, TweetDeck is automatically added to your Dock.

3.  On a PC… Save File as TweetDeck, Run the Installer, and Use the Setup Wizard to Install.

4.  A Shortcut will be added to your desktop like below:


5.  When launching TweetDeck for the first time, it will take you through the required setting options - Authorizing your Twitter Account to use the App, and Adding it to the “Deck”.

6.  Once your account is authorized, your tweets will show up in 4 default columns:

7.  The Vertical Menu Bar in TweetDeck: