Pinelands SA travel soccer registration guidelines.

For travel team registrations, please follow the guidelines below.  All forms referred to below are available on the PSA website, or on or,

Some of these guidelines are also applicable to other New Jersey Youth Soccer leagues. Please contact the league directly for those specific rules and guidance.

This document is subject to update without prior notice.

  1. Obtain player name, birthdate, sex, current digital photo, and birth certificate copy.
  2. Player/coach cards may be printed on plain paper and should be laminated.
  3. Player/coach photos must be uploaded to the Gotsoccer website and
  4. Player/coach cards are to be printed from within your Bonzi team account at Ask the travel rep to email your player cards.
  5. Team, players and team officials must apply to their intended league for selected season on .
  6. As of Fall 2017 all MOSA teams and coaches must also register via the NJYS registration system US Soccer Connect.  PSA’s website for registrations is Click the “Member Login” button at the top left.
  7. After registering for inclusion as a PSA team, each team must be registered at MOSA’s league website. The club’s travel rep can do this.
  8. Roster will be reviewed online automatically by the District Commissioner prior to the first games.  If your roster is not approved, contact (email or phone) the district commissioner for our region.
  9. PSA club number = 9200.
  10. Registration fee of $135 per player is paid to PSA at the beginning of each season. This fee covers; State coach registration fee and state insurance for players.  This fee also includes eight weeks of professional club training by an organization designated by PSA.
  11. Effective August 1, 2019 teams are individually responsible for league and referee fees.
  12. Team name, Age, Sex must be sent to MOSA at Flight night before each season (Fall, Spring). Other leagues may have different requirements.
  13. Each team must have a minimum $750 in the team’s account to enter a team at MOSA’s flight night. It is important to maintain a positive account balance at all times.  
  14. Once a team has folded, or been inactive for two or more consecutive seasons, any funds in that team’s account will be transferred into the PSA general fund.
  15. PSA will issue NO REFUNDS to players after travel registration fees are accepted by the coach.
  16. PSA will issue NO REFUNDS or credits to players that leave PSA to play for other clubs. Any funds held by a player that has left PSA will be forfeited to the team or to the club account.
  17. Player cards are good from August 1 through July 31st.

New teams / New head coaches.

  1. New teams or any team replacing the head coach must present their case for change to the PSA board during a regular or special meeting.


  1. Beginning 2017, all team uniforms must be purchased from the official P.S.A. uniform provider. Squadra is the uniform supplier.

Game scheduling

  1. Contact Kevin (or current referee assignor) each Monday before scheduled games to inform of any changes to HOME game schedule.  Inform ref. assignor in advance of upcoming two weeks game schedules.
  1. Contact opposing coach each week before the game to decide on colors and field changes/rules, and to discuss any changes to schedule.
  2. MOSA dictates that all rescheduled games must be negotiated and completed no later than one week prior to the regular scheduled Sunday game.
  3. Referee fees (variable) are NOT included in the team registration fee. These fees are available from the MOSA website. Other leagues may have different requirements.
  4. Home team (MOSA)  is responsible for referee fees. See MOSA website for current fees. EDP teams split referee fees.
  5. You may NOT print your MOSA game day card earlier than 72 hours prior to the scheduled game.
  6. Winning team must report the game score using the instruction on their game day sheet within 8 hours of the game’s completion.  See the the top of your game card for instructions.
  7. Coaches must hold  a minimum NJ Soccer “F” license to be carded to the team and to sit on the sideline with the team.
  8. MOSA allows team professional trainers to sit with the team during games as long as the trainer is properly carded to the team.

Please email if changes to this document are needed.

Updated September 6, 2018