Protein Function Group Notes Summary

To synthesize the large collection of information presented on the function of some protein examples, we will divide the information into sections in which each group will create short visual summaries of the data to be shared.


  1. Create a visual digital poster using Padlet the answers the following questions for your topic:
  1. Describe where the protein is found
  2. Describe what the protein does
  3. Draw a diagram/image of the protein
  4. Describe why the protein is important
  5. Include a recent (within last two years) scientific article or news bit concerning the protein (ScienceDaily would be a good place to look) and cite the article using MLA format (here is an explanation of how to do this using Easy Bib)

  1. The poster should include answers to all topic questions and incorporate drawings, diagrams, models, graphic organizers

  1. Topic posters will be shared through a gallery walk fashion once completed where you will be able to use your classmates work to take notes on so, do good work.


  1. Rubisco
  2. Insulin
  3. Immunoglobulins
  4. Rhodopsin
  5. Collagen
  6. Spider silk