Welcome to Blue Ridge Toastmasters!

Toastmasters has a wealth of resources to help you get the most out of your experience. We've included a few tips here to get you started.

Request a mentor

While most of what you need to know is available on the web, a mentor can help cut to the chase, get you integrated into the club, and make the most of your time with us. Ask any member at your next meeting and they'll help get you matched up. Note that we are all volunteers, so don't wait for your mentor to call you. Be bold. Find your mentor's contact info on the club roster and get in touch.

Check the schedule

There are 15 roles to fill each week; some easy, some that require preparation or experience. This means that you'll be assigned roles right away, and we'll keep you as busy as you like. The Toastmaster should email your assignments to you each week and you'll also find the schedule posted at blueridgetoastmasters.com. If you have any issue with your assignment or can't attend a meeting, please notify the Toastmaster promptly.

Look for your welcome kit

An introductory packet containing the Competent Communication and Competent Leadership manuals will be sent to new members from Toastmasters Int'l. Please allow a few weeks for these to arrive. In the meantime, much of the content is available on line and we often have a loner manual for your use till your materials arrive in the mail.

Find answers

Here are a few resources that you might find useful.


Our club website includes lots of general information about the club as well as a member section to address specifics such as weekly role assignments. No ID/password is required.

Blue Ridge Toastmasters Google Docs Folder

All new members are given access to this private folder, which contains many useful documents such as PowerPoint templates, weekly agenda template, Club Roster, and Club Officers. If you can't get in, let us know and we'll figure it out.

Google Search

Honestly, if you pop any Toastmasters-related question into Google, you're likely to find your answers quickly. Give it a try.

We are delighted to have you as a member of the club and look forward to helping you cultivate your speaking and leadership skills. Welcome aboard!