Professional Electives

Professional electives are open English that appear in the Undergraduate Curriculum under the Literature and Linguistics tracks. (If you’re in the Teacher Preparation Program, you only have Professional Electives in the Linguistics Track.)

INGL 3046- Literature from British Postcolonies

INGL 3056- Introduction to the Communication Process

INGL 3057- Media Literacy

INGL 3175- Poetry Writing

INGL 3236- Technical Report Writing

INGL 3238- Creative Writing

INGL 3250- Public Speaking

INGL 3268- Writing for the Media

INGL 3276- Introduction to Literature: Short Story

INGL 3277- Introduction to Literature: The Novel

INGL 3278- Introduction to Literature: Drama

INGL 3279- Introduction to Literature: Poetry

INGL 3286- Creative Writing Fiction

INGL 3296- World Englishes

INGL 3300- Studies in Literature and Language

INGL 3305- Modern American Literature

INGL 3306- Modern British Literature

INGL 3307- Introduction to Communication in the Workplace

INGL 3308- Introduction to Literary Theory from 1900 to the Present

INGL 3312- The Novel in English Literature

INGL 3317- The Novel in American Literature

INGL 3318- Literature of the English Speaking Caribbean

INGL 3321- English Literature to 1798

INGL 3322- English Literature from 1798 to Modern Period

INGL 3323- Modern Drama in English since 1890

INGL 3325- Modern Poetry

INGL 3326- Literature of Minority in the United States

INGL 3345- Topics in Cinema

INGL 3351- American Literature to 1860

INGL 4000- English Literature of the 17th Century

INGL 4008- Creative Nonfiction Writing

INGL 4009- Literature of the English Renaissance

INGL 4017- The Romantic Movement

INGL 4025- Shakespeare

INGL 4026- Sociolinguistics

INGL 4027- Old and Middle English

INGL 4028- Research and Writing in Language and Linguistics

INGL 4030- Research and Writing in Literature

INGL 4047- English Phonology

INGL 4059- Persuasive Writing

INGL 4066- Research in Writing and Communication

INGL 4075- Psycholinguistics

INGL 4095- The Victorian Period

INGL 4097- English Literature of the 18th Century

INGL 4107- Rhetorical Theory

INGL 4108- Advanced Technical Communication

INGL 4125- Introduction to Semantics

INGL 4196- Group Communication

INGL 4205- Morphology and Syntax

INGL 4206- The Structure of English

INGL 4208- History of the English Language

INGL 4255- Professional Editing

INGL 4285- Feature Writing

INGL 4316- American Romanticism

INGL 4317- American Realism

INGL 4318- Early American Authors

INGL 5007- Oral Communication

INGL 5009- Contrastive Grammar

INGL 5010- Perspectives on Teaching English as a Second Language

INGL 5015- English and American Literary Criticism

INGL 5018- Study in the British Isles

INGL 5019- Pragmatics

INGL 5025- Current Approaches in Linguistic Theory

Graduate Professional Electives

Undergraduate students who wish to enroll in 6000 level courses in the Department of English should have completed 27 credits in English and have a 3.5 GPA in their English major, prior to enrollment. This can be waived by the Professor teaching the course, if they feel the student is qualified. Use this form to request access to graduate level courses.

INGL 6006- Research Methods

INGL 6008- Bilingualism and Language- Contact

INGL 6009- Models for teaching Literature

INGL 6010- Test Materials and Testing

INGL 6016- Topics in Sociolinguistics

INGL 6018- Topics in Psycholinguistics

INGL 6020- Second Language Acquisition

INGL 6025- Studies in American Literature

INGL 6028- Psycholinguistics and the Reading Process

INGL 6030- Theory and Practice of Composition

INGL 6040- Practice in the Teaching Composition

INGL 6048- Poetry Since 1945

INGL 6055/56/58- Studies in Literature

INGL 6075- Drama 1880-1945

INGL 6076- The Romantic Movement: The Second Generation

INGL 6448- The Victorian Novel

Recommended Electives

Physical Education Courses

EDFI3038- Recreational Swimming

EDFI3058- Fundamentals Of Track And Field

EDFI3075- Development, Training And Technique Of Sports

EDFI3076- Introduction To Physical Fitness

EDFI3077- Fundamentals Of Softball And Baseball

EDFI3205- Introduction To Gymnastics

EDFI3215- Fundamentals Of Basketball

EDFI3225- Fundamentals Of Volleyball

EDFI3235- Scouting

EDFI3245- Elementary Swimming

EDFI3246- Aquatic Skills

EDFI3255- Advanced Swimming

EDFI3265- Weightlifting and Weight Training for Different Sports

EDFI3285- Aquatic Skills And Water Safety

EDFI3295- Elementary Tennis

EDFI3296- Advanced Tennis

EDFI3305- Folk Dances

EDFI3325- Curriculum In Physical Education

EDFI3380- Physical Activities And The Elderly

EDFI3395- Adapted Physical Education: Exceptionality And Disabilities

EDFI3397- Teaching Physical Education In Elementary And Secondary Schools

EDFI3408- Adapted Aquatic Activities

EDFI3465- Personal And Community Health

EDFI3555- History And Principles Of Physical Education

EDFI3596- Fundamentals Of Soccer

EDFI3615- Coaching And Officiating Swimming

EDFI3620- Triathlon Training

EDFI3645- First Aid And Security

EDFI3649- Summer Practice In Adapted Physical Education

EDFI3665- Recreational Sports

EDFI3685- Fundamentals Of Handball And Racquetball

Science Courses

ASTR 3005- Descriptive Astronomy

CIFI 3011-3012- Physical Science

GEOL 3025- Earth Sciences

GEOL 3026- Life in the Past

GEOL 3027- Geological Aspects of Environmental Sciences

GEOL 3045- Planetary Geology

GEOL 3046- Earth Resources

GEOL 3105- Images of Planet Earth

QUIM 3131- General Chemistry I - LAB 3133

QUIM 3132- General Chemistry II - LAB 3134

Education Courses

EDES 4006- Nature and Needs of Exceptional Learners

EDFU 3011- Foundations of Human Growth

EDFU 3012- Foundations of Educational Psychology

EDFU 3007- Social Foundations of Education

EDFU 3017- Apprenticeship Evaluation

EDFU 3055- Legal Foundations of Education

EDFU 4006- The Child and his Social Milieu

EDFU 4006- The Child and his Social Milieu

EDFU 4019- Philosophical Foundations of Education

EDFU 4025- School Health Education

EDPE 3129- The Use of Microcomputers in the Classroom

EDPE 4245- Theory and Methodology in the Teaching of English in Secondary School

EDPE 4246- Student Teaching of English in Secondary

Film Courses

CINE 4001– History of Film until 1950

CINE 4002– History of Film from 1950

CINE 4005– Film Theory

CINE 4015– Digital Video-Making

CINE 4016- Film Production: The Creative Documentary

CINE 4017- Film Production: Fiction

CINE 4025– Special Topics

Hispanic Studies Courses

ESPA3126- Latin American Cinema

ESPA3127- Introduction To Central American Literature

ESPA3175- Reading Race In Puerto Rico

ESPA3208- Composition

ESPA3211/12- Introduction To Spanish Literature

ESPA3215- Expression And Communication

ESPA3216- Formal Expository Writing

ESPA3295- Spanish Grammar

ESPA3305- Cinema And Hispanic Literature

ESPA3315- Women And Writing In Spanish America

ESPA3405- Feminine Discourse In Art Of The Hispanic World

ESPA3406- Creative Writing: Short Stories

ESPA3505- Women And Folklore

ESPA3905- Study Trip To The Peninsula

ESPA3906- Bibliographical Research In Hispanic Studies

ESPA4011- Diachrony Of The Spanish Language

ESPA4012- The Spanish Language In Hispanic America

ESPA4045- Seminar In Literary And Cultural Women And Gender Studies

ESPA4046- Introduction To Critical Theory And Literary Analysis

ESPA4056- Modernism Literature In Spanish America

ESPA4061/62- Spanish Poetry

ESPA4065- Contemporary Spanish American Poetry

ESPA4071/72- The Short Story In Spanish America

ESPA4105- Puerto Rican Poetry

ESPA4215- 20th Century Spanish-American Theater

ESPA4216- Spanish Phonetics And Phonology

ESPA4221/22- Spanish American Literature

ESPA4227- Women Narrators In Hispanic Literature

ESPA4228- Central American Women Writers

ESPA4231/32- Puerto Rican Literature

ESPA4251/52- The Golden Age

ESPA5005- Poetic Generation Of 1927

ESPA5007- Modern Spanish Theater

ESPA5025- The Literary Generation Of 1898 In Spain

ESPA5035- Writing And Research Techniques

LING4010- Language In The Human Mind: An Introduction To Linguistics

LING4015- Seminar In Linguistics

LING4020- Linguistic Change And Variation

LING5030- Introduction To Generative Syntax

LING5040- Introduction To Generative Phonology

LING5050- Morphological Theory

LING5060- Compositional Semantics

LING5075- Language Acquisition And Development

LING5080- Computational Linguistics

LING5090- Formal Foundations Of Linguistic Theory

LING5100- Philosophical Foundations Of Linguistics Theory

LING5110- Foundational Issues In Biolinguistics

LING5120- Psycholinguistics

Humanities Courses

ALEM3041/2/34- German

ALEM4001- German Literature

ARTE3007- Artistic Photography

ARTE3016- History And Language Of Comics

ARTE3055- Calligraphy

ARTE3121- Drawing

ARTE3122- Painting

ARTE3131- Perspective

ARTE3132- Color

ARTE3141/2- Design Workshop

ARTE3151/2- Theorical Bases Of Modern Art

ARTE3161/2- Stained Glass Workshop

ARTE3200- Study Of The Human Figure

ARTE3210- Portrait Study

ARTE3226- History Of Art In Puerto Rico

ARTE3235- Watercolor

ARTE3276- Art Appreciation

ARTE3279- Experimentation With Art Materials

ARTE3531/2- Computers In The Visual Arts Ii

ARTE4021- Ceramic

ARTE4022- Pottery

ARTE4025- Advanced Ceramics

ARTE4123/4- Illustration Ii

ARTE4206- Architecture In Puerto Rico

ARTE4251/2- Printmaking Ii

ARTE4259- History Of Modern Art

ARTE4260- Metal Engraving

ARTE4271- History Of Art: Paleolithic To Roman

ARTE4272- History Of Art: Early Christian To Baroque

ARTE4281- Spanish American I

ARTE4282- Introduction To The Fine Arts In Latin America

ARTE4291- Elementary Sculpture

ARTE4292- Intermediate Sculpture

ARTE4293- Advanced Sculpture

ARTE4301/2- Industrial Design

ARTE4311/2- Art Criticism

ARTE4331/2- Comparative Arts

ARTE4335- History Of Contemporary Art

ARTE4525- Northern European Painting Of The Renaissance

ARTE4535- Advanced Painting

ARTE4995/6- Special Topics

CHIN3051- Chinese I

FILO3001- Introduction To Philosophy: Major Questions

FILO3002- Introduction To Philosophy: Historical Approach

FILO3155- Introduction To Ethics

FILO3156- Modern And Contemporary Ethics

FILO3157- Introduction To Logic

FILO3158- Ancient Philosophy

FILO3159- Medieval Philosophy

FILO3165- Modern Philosophy

FILO3166- Contemporary Philosophy

FILO3167- Symbolic Logic I

FILO3168- Philosophy Of Science

FILO3169- Existentialism

FILO3175- Philosophy Of History

FILO3178- Business Ethics

FILO3185- Computer Ethics

FILO3195- Ethics In A Global Perspective

FILO4025- Medical Ethics

FILO4027- Bioethics

FILO4041/2- Metaphysics

FILO4045- Ethics In Engineering

FILO4046- Environmental Ethics

FILO4051- Principles Of Aesthetics

FILO4052- Contemporary Aesthetics

FILO4105- Philosophical Trends In Latin America

FILO4115- Philosophy Of Religion

FILO4125- Philosophy Of Law

FILO4145- Symbolic Logic

FILO4146- Contemporary Epistemology

FILO4147- Philosophy Of Psychology

FILO4148- Philosophy Of Marxism

FILO4155- Advanced Ethics

FILO4156- Epistemology And Science

FILO4157- Phenomenology

FILO4158- Analytic Philosophy

FILO4159- Pragmatism

FILO4160- Philosophy Of Technology

FILO4995/6- Special Topics In Philosophy

FILO5001- Literature And Philosophy I

FRAN3060- French Phonetics

FRAN3135- Summer Study Program In Paris

FRAN3141/2/3/4- French

FRAN3151- Business French I

FRAN3155- Conversation I

FRAN4007- Advanced Grammar

FRAN4008- Advanced Composition

FRAN4036- Business French

FRAN4115- French Composition

FRAN4116- Conversation II

FRAN4141- French Poetry

FRAN4142- French Poetry

FRAN4145- The French Novel

FRAN4147- Modern French Literature

FRAN4149- French Poetry

FRAN4151/2- French Culture And Civilization

FRAN4181/2- French Literature To The Revolution

FRAN4185- History Of The French Language

FRAN4191/2- French Literature Since The Revolution

FRAN4995/6- Special Topics

GRIE3011/2- Elementary Greek Ii

HUMA3087- Classics Of Italian Literature In Translation

HUMA3115- European Study Tour

HUMA3271- The Bible As A Literary And Historical Document: The Old Testament

HUMA3272- The Bible As A Literary And Historical Document: The New Testament

HUMA3401/2- Latin American Civilization And Culture

HUMA3411- Introduction To The Culture Of South Asia

HUMA3412- Introduction To The Culture Of East Asia

HUMA3425- Puerto Rican Thought

HUMA4995/6- Special Topics

HUMA5991/2- Special Topics

ITAL3031/2- Conversation And Culture

ITAL3071/2/3/4- Italian

ITAL3085- The Italian Cinema

ITAL3086- Conversation In Italian

ITAL3087- Italian Culture

ITAL3090- Summer Study Program In Italy

ITAL4007- Special Topics

ITAL4011/2- Italian Literature

JAPO3111/2- Japanese I & II

JAPO3211/2- Japanese IV

LATI3011/2- Elementary Latin

LATI3013/4- Intermediate Latin

LITE3005- Literature Appreciation

LITE3025- Literary Theory

LITE3035- Mythology In Western Literature

LITE3041- Introduction To Comparative Literature

LITE3042- Introduction To Comparative Literature

LITE4011/2- Evolution Of The Novel

LITE4021/2- Comparative Drama

LITE4035- Medieval European Literature

LITE4045- Renaissance Literature

LITE4051/2- Comparative Poetry

LITE4075- Literary Criticism

LITE4076- Postcolonial Studies

LITE4081/2- Romanticism In Literature

LITE4115- Cultural Studies And Comparative Literature

LITE4118- The Modern Short Story

LITE4990- Special Topics In Comparative Literature

LITE4996- Workshop In Comparative Literature I

LITE5001/2- Literature And Philosophy

LITE5035- Theory Of The Novel

LITE5050- Contemporary Literature Criticism

LITE5057- Magical Realism

LITE5336- World Literature By Women

LITE5615- The Symbolist Movement In Literature

LITE5715- Methods In The Study Of Literary Texts

LITE5995/6- Special Topics In Comparative Literature Ii

MUSI3005- Puerto Rican Musical Culture

MUSI3006- Latin American Music

MUSI3135- Music Appreciation

MUSI3161/2- History Of Music

MUSI3167- Introduction To Opera

MUSI3171/2- Fundamentals Of Music

MUSI4995- Special Topics

TEAT3051/2- Introduction To Theater Art

TEAT3081/2- Acting

TEAT3091/2- Theater Production II

TEAT4011/2- Directing II

TEAT4271- Playwriting I: Short Plays

TEAT4272- Playwriting Ii: Full-Length Plays

TEAT4995- Special Topics In Theater

TRAD4995- Translation: Theory And Practice

Psychology Courses

PSIC4005- Introduction To School Psychology

PSIC4006- Experimental Methods In Psychology

PSIC4009- Industrial/Organizational Psychology

PSIC4010- Psychological Aspects Of Sports

PSIC4065- Seminar On Psychological Research

PSIC4070- Qualitative Research In Psychology

PSIC4076- Psychology Of The Internet

PSIC4086- Practicum In Psychology

PSIC4088- Special Topics In Psychology

PSIC4116- Psychology Of Human Sexuality

PSIC4991- Independent Study I

PSIC4992- Independent Study Ii

PSIC5016- Analytical Psycholgy

PSIC5017- Psychology Of Human Diversity

Social Sciences Courses

ANTR3005- Introduction To Cultural Anthropology

ANTR3015- Introduction To Physical Anthropology

ANTR4007- Culture And Energy

ANTR4066- Political And Cultural Aspects Of Indigenous Peoples Of America

CIPO3011- Principles Of Political Science

CIPO3025- Political System Of The United States

CIPO3026- Introduction To Public Policy Analysis

CIPO3027- Citizen Participation In Public Decision Making

CIPO3035- Government Of Puerto Rico

CIPO3045- International Organization And Administration

CIPO3065- International Relations

CIPO3095- Municipal Government

CIPO3175- Introduction To Law

CIPO4005- Constitutional Law

CIPO4015- Comparative Government And Politics

CIPO4016- Government And Politics Of The Middle East

CIPO4017- The European Union In International Law And Diplomacy

CIPO4025- Public Opinion

CIPO4035- Political Parties

CIPO4036- Government And Politics Of Communist States

CIPO4045- Elements Of Public Administration

CIPO4046- Special Topics In Political Science

CIPO4051/2- Political Theory

CIPO4056- Introduction To Criminal Law

CIPO4065- International Law

CIPO4075- The Politics Of The Developing Areas

CIPO4085- American Foreign Policy

CIPO4095- Government And Politics Of The Caribbean

CIPO4105- Latin American Government And Politics

CIPO4115- Latin American International Relations

CIPO4125- Communist Ideology

CIPO4127- Globalization And World Politics

CIPO4145- Research Methods In Political Science

CIPO4155- Research Seminar In Political Science

CIPO4236- Revolutions In Twentieth Century Latin America

CIPO4735- Model United Nations

CIPO4991/2- Independent Study Ii

CISO3026- Introduction To Public Policy Analysis

CISO3027- Citizen Participation In Public Decision Making

CISO3121/2- An Introduction To The Study Of The Social Sciences

CISO3145- Bibliography And Library Research In The Social Sciences

CISO4056- Psycho-Social Aspects Of Gender

CISO4066- Political And Cultural Aspects Of Indigenous Peoples Of America

CISO4116- Human Needs And Welfare

CISO4117- Field Work Techniques

CISO4118- Intervention Strategies With Families

CISO4119- Introduction To Mediation And Non-Violent Management Of Conflicts

CISO4120- Human Welfare Seminar

GEOG3155- Human Geography

GEOG3185- Physical Geography

HIST3091- History Of France

HIST3092- History Of France

HIST3111/2- History Of The United States Of America

HIST3121/2- History Of The Foreign Policy Of The United States Of America

HIST3141/2- History Of Spain

HIST3155- History Of Nineteenth Century Europe

HIST3158- History Of Twentieth Century Europe

HIST3165- History Of The Renaissance

HIST3185- The Medieval World

HIST3195- History Of The Ancient World

HIST3201/2- History Of The Modern World

HIST3211/2- History Of Latin America

HIST3221/2- History Of The Antilles

HIST3241/2- History Of Puerto Rico

HIST4005- History Of Mexico

HIST4055- Themes In European History

HIST4066- Themes In The History Of The Americas

HIST4075- Special Problems

HIST4111/2- Social History Of U.S.A.

HIST4117- History Of Labor In The United States Of America

HIST4165- History Of Brazil

HIST4171/2- History Of Russia

HIST4220- History Of Germany Since 1871

HIST4221/2- Historiography And Approaches To History

HIST4228- Themes In History

HIST4235- Revolutions In Twentieth Century Latin America

HIST4345- Twentieth Century Puerto Rican History

SOCI3007- Environmental Sociology

SOCI3016- Sociology Of Health

SOCI3047- Sociology Of Religion

SOCI3261/2- Introduction To Sociology Ii

SOCI3265- Research Methods In The Social Sciences

SOCI3285- Social Dynamics

SOCI3295- History Of Social Thought

SOCI3305- Principles Of Population

SOCI3315- Marriage And The Family

SOCI3325- Urban Sociology

SOCI3337- Juvenile Delinquency

SOCI3355- Society And Culture In Latin America And The Caribbean

SOCI4000- Sociological Fundamentals Of Recreation And Sports

SOCI4006- Special Topics In Sociology

SOCI4095- Principles Of Social Work

SOCI4101- Criminology

SOCI4115- Contemporary Social Theory

SOCI4125- Puerto Rican Sociology

SOCI4145- Social Planning

SOCI4155- Social And Cultural Change

SOCI4165- Social Problems Of The Contemporary World

SOCI4206- Qualitative Research Methods And Techniques

SOCI4991/2- Independent Study Ii

SOCI5005- Sociology Of Latin America

SOCI5015- Energy, Environment And Society

Economics Courses






































Business Administration Courses

ADMI3007- Introduction To Computer Data Processing Test

ADMI3008- Fundamentals Of Web Design

ADMI3009- Introduction To Business, Management And Ethics

ADMI3010- Computer Competence For Managerial Decision Making

ADMI3015- Introduction To International Business

ADMI3017- Introduction To Enterprise Development

ADMI3018- Advanced Spreadsheet Techniques

ADMI3100- New Business Development

ADMI3125- Technology Based Entrepreneurship

ADMI3150- Business Plan Development

ADMI3155- Creativity And Entrepreneurial Innovation

ADMI3315- Fundamentals Of E-Commerce

ADMI4001- Introduction To Law

ADMI4002- Business Law

ADMI4016- Environment Organizations

ADMI4018- Strategic Management

ADMI4039- Business Research Methods

ADMI4040- Business Documents

ADMI4058- Comparison Of Administrative Systems Among Enterprises In Puerto Rico And Other Countries

ADMI4085- Fundamentals Of Project Management

ADMI4116- The Human Side Of Project Management

ADMI4335- Strategies For Change And Growth Of Small And Midsize Businesses

ADMI4995- Special Problems

ADMI4996- Small Business Advising

ADOF3005/7- Abbreviated Writing System In English

ADOF3009- Records Management

ADOF3016/7- Keyboarding And Its Applications Ii

ADOF3027- Elementary English Shorthand

ADOF3028- Intermediate English Shortland

ADOF3036- Information Processing And Billing Services In Medical Offices

ADOF3105- Introduction To Office Administration

ADOF3107- Office Concepts, Systems And Technology

ADOF3115- Telecommunications In The Modern Office

ADOF3125- Legal Office Administration

ADOF3135- Introduction To Business Translation

ADOF4005- Electronic Production Of Documents

ADOF4015- Electronic Transcription Of Documents In Spanish

ADOF4016- Advanced Spanish Transcription

ADOF4017- Electronic Transcription Of Documents In English

ADOF4018- Advanced English Transcription

ADOF4019- Administrative Office Procedures

ADOF4020- Training In Electronic Equipment

ADOF4025- Office Administration Practicum

ADOF4055- Interpersonal Relations

ADOF4075- Integration Of Information Processing Programs

ADOF4077- Design And Processing Of Documents

ADOF4080- Training And Seminar Planning

CISE3049- Keyboarding And Typewriting

CONT3005- Elementary Accounting I

CONT3006- Financial Accounting Principles Ii

CONT3007/8- Intermediate Accounting Ii

CONT3011/2- Financial Accounting Principles Ii

CONT4006- Managerial Accounting

CONT4007- Federal Income Tax

CONT4009- Income Tax Of Puerto Rico

CONT4015- Advanced Accounting Problems

CONT4016- Recent Developments In Accounting

CONT4017- Auditing And System

CONT4018/9- Intermediate Accounting

CONT4027- Analysis And Cost Control

CONT4035- Cost Accounting

CONT4037- Accounting Information Systems

CONT4045- Advanced Accounting I

CONT4046- Accounting For Governmental Entities And Not For Profit Organizations

CONT4048- Advanced Accounting Ii

CONT4078- Cost Accounting

CONT4995- Accounting Internship

CONT5006- Tax Liabilities For Businesses In Puerto Rico

ECON6027- Managerial Economics

ESOR4005- Governmental Control Of Business

ESOR4006- Principles Of Management

ESOR4007- Organizational Design

ESOR4008- Human Resources Management

ESOR4009- Human Resources Administration

ESOR4010- Women And Work

ESOR4015- Workforce Planning And Employment

ESOR4016- Labor Relations

ESOR4017- Comparative Labor Law

ESOR4019- Compensation Management

ESOR4025- Organizational Behavior

ESOR4026- Administrative Policy

ESOR4027- Leadership In Organizations

ESOR4028- Interpersonal Communication Applied To Engineering, Science And Business Careers

ESOR4030- Human Resources Development

ESOR4035- Innovation And Organizational Change

ESOR4036- Interpersonal Communication In The Workplace

ESOR4037- Managing Diversity In Organizations

ESOR4995- Human Resources Management Internship

ESTA3001/2- Business Statistics

ESTA6005- Managerial Statistics

ESTA6006- Experimental Design And Analysis

FINA3006- Business Finance

FINA3008- Working Capital Management

FINA3016- Business Analysis Using Financial Reports

FINA3017- Money, Banking, And Economic Conditions

FINA3018- Working Capital Management

FINA3035- Personal Financial Management

FINA3037- Financial Analysis And Financing Of Small And Medium Enterprises

FINA4028- International Finance

FINA4029- Financial Markets I

FINA4035- Financial Markets II

FINA4036- Administration Of Financial Institutions

FINA4037- Investments

FINA4039- Public Sector Finances

FINA4040- Current Financial Trends

FINA4046- Corporate Finance

FINA4047- Investment Analysis And Portfolio Selection

FINA4048- Credit And Collection Management

FINA4055- Financial Derivatives

FINA4069- Integrative Finance

FINA4995- Finance Internship

FINA5015- Principles Of Financial Engineering

GERE4007- Operation Management

GERE4008- Quantitative Methods In Operations Management

GERE4009- Production Planning And Control

GERE4021- Production Management I

GERE4022- Production Management Ii

GERE4028- Materials Management

GERE4030- Contemporary Aspects Of Industrial Management

GERE4036- Assurance Sciences

GERE4045- Supply Chain Management

GERE4046- Operations Management

GERE4055- Service Operations Management

GERE4085- Project Management Applications In Business

GERH4005- Governmental Control Of Business

GERH4006- Principles Of Management

GERH4007- Organizational Design

GERH4008- Human Resources Management

GERH4009- Human Resources Administration

GERH4010- Women And Work

GERH4015- Workforce Planning And Employment

GERH4016- Labor Relations

GERH4017- Comparative Labor Law

GERH4019- Compensation Management

GERH4025- Organizational Behavior

GERH4027- Leadership In Organizations

GERH4030- Human Resources Development

GERH4035- Innovation And Organizational Chance

GERH4036- Interpersonal Communication In The Workplace

GERH4037- Managing Diversity In Organizations

MERC3115- Principles Of Marketing

MERC3117- Selling And Sales Management

MERC4009- Promotion And Advertisement

MERC4065- Global Marketing Strategies

MERC4075- Marketing Research

MERC4215- Retail Management

MERC4217- Consumer Behavior

MERC4218- Management Of Logistics

MERC4230- Integrated Marketing Communications

MERC4236- Services Marketing

MERC4995- Marketing Internship

MERC6055- Marketing Management

MERC6056- Marketing Communication Strategy

MERC6057- Consumer Analysis

SICI3018- Fundamentals Of Information Systems

SICI3029- Programming Fundamentals For Business

SICI3051- Program Development I

SICI3052- Program Development Ii

SICI3057- Data Structures

SICI3058- Programming In C Language

SICI3059- Information Systems Theory And Practice

SICI4046- Information Systems Analysis And Design

SICI4085- Info Syst Analysis Method

SICI4087- Structured Information System And Design

SICI4088/9- Data Communications And Networking

SICI4095- Database Development

SICI4096- Management Of Contemporary Issues In MIS

SICI4097- Systems Development

SICI4144- Business Programming Languages

SICI4145- Software And Hardware Concepts

SICI4146- Hardware And Software Technology In Information Systems

SICI4155- Decision Making Support Systems

SICI4157- Advanced Database Concepts

SICI4168- Electronic Data Processing Auditing

SICI4175- Introduction To Java Programming

SICI4308- Networking And Routing Fundamentals

SICI4990- Computerized Information Systems Internship

SICI4995- Computerized Information Systems Internship

SICI5318- Intermediate Routing, Switching And Wide Area Networks


INGE3007- History Of Technology

INGE3011/2- Engineering Graphics Ii

INGE3016- Algorithms And Computer Programming

INGE3017- Computer Aided Graphics

INGE3031- Engineering Mechanics Statics

INGE3032- Engineering Mechanics Dynamics

INGE3035- Engineering Mechanics

INGE3045- Materials Science For Electrical Engineers

INGE3809- Creative Design I

CIIC3011- Introduction To Computer Programming I

CIIC3075- Fundamentals Of Computing

CIIC3081- Computer Architecture I

CIIC4010- Advanced Programming

CIIC4019- High Performance Computing

CIIC4020- Data Structures

CIIC4025- Analysis And Design Of Algorithms

CIIC4030- Programming Languages

CIIC4050- Operating Systems

CIIC4060- Database Systems

CIIC4070- Computer Networks

CIIC4082- Computer Architecture II

Academic Affairs

INTD3355- Research Methods In Libraries

INTD3990- Selected Topics With Multidisciplinary Approach

INTD3995- Experience In Community Development

INTD4000- Congressional Internship Cordova Program

INTD4010- Academic Seminar - Washington Center

INTD4995- Institutional Coop Plan

INTD5095- Appropriate Technology

TEED5008- Design And Creation Of Educational Materials For Online Courses

UNIV4000- Exchange Prog Spain


CIMI3011- Introduction To Military Sciences

CIMI3012- Basic Military Skills

CIMI3021- Fundamentals Of Military Tactics I

CIMI3022- Fundamentals Of Military Tactics Ii

CIMI3051- Military Briefing I

CIMI3052- Military Briefing Ii

CIMI4011- Communication And Psychology Of Military Leadership

CIMI4012- Fund Military Strategy

CIMI4021- Military History, Leadership And Military Administration

CIMI4022- Seminar: Lead & Mili Admin

CIMI4041- Military Writing I

CIMI4042- Military Writing Ii

CIMI3010- Basic Course I

EDES4000- Exp Lab Campo Educ Esp

EDPE4006- Theory Methodology And Stud Teach Ss

ESAE3001- The Air Force Today

ESAE3002- The Air Force Today

ESAE3011- The Air Force Way

ESAE3012- The Air Force Way

ESAE4001- Air Force Leadership And Management

ESAE4002- Air Force Leadership And Management

ESAE4011- Preparation For Active Duty

ESAE4012- Preparation For Active Duty

ESAE3995- Special Problems In Aerospace Studies

ESAE3996- Special Problems In Aerospace Studies

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