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Mineral Homework

Read the clue on the left, then use p. 16 of ESRT to discover which mineral it is!


I think the mineral is...

1. I have a metallic luster and am commonly used as pencil lead.


2. I have a nonmetallic luster and am softer than fluorite. I have a salty taste and am often used to de-ice the roads in NYC.


3. I have a nonmetallic luster, feel greasy, and am not very hard.


4. I’m sometimes used for jewelry, contain titanium, and am pretty hard.


5. People sometimes use me in paint because I’m flexible when thin. My luster is nonmetallic and I cleave when broken.

Muscovite mica

6. I fracture when broken and am not very hard. With water, I’m an acid and my luster is dull.


7. They say that I’m earthy at times but sometimes I’m not. I can be used to make iron or jewelry, depending on who you are. All the while, it’s iron that’s part of me.

Hematite (allow magnetite as well)

8. I’m not as hard as the others and my color is light. I’m in most of your homes and, dry as I am, water is in my composition. I hope you know who I am.

Selenite gypsum

9. My color is not always the same but an acid can be made of me. Unlike bones that fracture, I cleave in multiple directions. Nevertheless, part of my composition is good for your bones. Word to the wise: drink milk.  


10. This question isn’t hard but you can bet that I am. I fracture when broken and, with enough oxygen, you know who I am.


11. I can be used to power your cell phones but that is not all. I am metallic silver and reveal a certain amount of cleavage. My composition is the abbreviation of an extremely boring television station that does not require cable.


12. For having a metallic luster, I’m pretty much hard. I can be used as the ore of another mineral and contain iron in all.


13. I my composition is so complicated that I’ll tell you who I am. Some (old) people call me hornblende and this is the easiest question you’ll have.


14. I can be used to make roads or something that is hard. One of my uses shares the name of an fruit that you’ll find in your drink.


15. My luster is metallic and I’m actually pretty cool. I’m used to make something that is used as something strong. I’m also magnetic so stick magnets on me later.


16. They use me in construction and I’m back to dark brown. Potassium is in my structure.

Biotite mica

17. I have a nonmetallic luster and commonly granular. My name sounds like the first part of a garden that’s a restaurant in the suburbs.


18. I’d be surprised if you could pronounce me and I’m used to make bottles. I cleave in a couple of directions and am harder than most.

Plagioclase feldspar

19. I’m black to dark green, have a nonmetallic luster, cleave at right angles, and contain two alcohol (-OH) groups in my structure.


20. I can bubble with acid and am colorless or variable. I’m a lot like someone else but contain magnesium in composition.