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Dates of Research ________________________

Date for Poster Preparation ____________________________

Date of Presentation __________________________                                                                              

Severe Weather Project    

Objective:  By the end of this project, you will be able to explain the characteristics and formation of a severe storm and you will apply what you have learned to the writing of a shore story based on your severe storm.

Background:  Severe weather is weather that can cause property damage or loss of life.  This may include large quantities of rain, lightning, hail, strong winds, or tornadoes.  

For this project, you will be working individually to research a severe storm of your choice:


  1. Using the questions on the next page you will research your severe storm, create a poster and a piece of fictionalized non-fiction.

  1. Ms. Forfa has set-up a resource page for you found at:

Please use this resource!  It will be very helpful in helping you to find all the necessary information but to also meet the criteria of using reputable websites.

  1. You will need to keep track of your sources and produce a proper bibliography.  You must use the following for your sources:

Using NoodleTools will help you to easily create an APA format bibliography.   If you use pictures that are from a website other than what you take your information from, you MUST also create a bibliography entry for that website.  Be sure to use the actual website in your bibliography, not the google images address.

This will count as a test grade and you will be graded individually based on the attached rubric.

Criteria for Success:  A successful research project will include answers to the following questions.  All text must be in your own words.

_____Category 1:  Facts  You must answer the following questions:

  1. _____How is this storm classified? What features must it have?
  2. _____How do we measure its intensity? Include/Explain rating scales or other tools for measuring intensity

Now, circle 5 out of the 6 questions below to research…

  1. _____What time of year are you likely to see such a storm?  Why?
  2. _____Weather phenomena that is related to this type of storm (ex. hail, sleet, flooding, etc.)
  3. _____What should you, as an individual, do to prepare before, during, and after a storm of this kind?
  4. _____Explain how scientists and storm chasers track storms (think about  by car, types of technology, any other tools).  You should have at least 3 methods.
  5. _____Identify 5 myths and 5 realities (truths) about this type of storm
  6. _____Another piece of interesting information (must be detailed and approved by a teacher!)

_____Category 2:  Visuals  You must answer questions A and B, question C is optional

  1. _____Description of how storm forms -include 3 pictures showing the stages at which it forms
  2. _____Where are these storms likely to occur?   Include a detailed map of where we may see this weather
  3. _____Create a model (of your choice) of your storm  (extra credit)

_____Category 3:  Creative Writing  

Find/print information on 1 famous storm in history and …

  1. _____Using details from these storms, create your own fictional ‘mega storm’ in a 2 paragraph, creative story


  1. _____In your choice of format (interview, journal) write a detailed description of what one experiences during a storm of this kind

_____ Category 4:  Sources and Bibliography

  1. ____ I used 2 books
  2.  ____ I used at least 2 reputable websites
  3. ____ I have an APA or MLA formatted bibliography.

 _____ Category 5:  Poster  My poster has the following criteria:

a.      _____All information is in my own words!!!

  1.  _____Pictures must are clear, relevant, and well labeled!
  2. _____ Font is neat and easy to read
  3. _____ Bibliography is on the back

_____ Category 6:  Verbal Presentation  During my verbal presentation I will:

  1. Speak loudly and clearly
  2. Use good eye contact
  3. I will not read directly from my visual, rather I will use it as a guide

Name __________________________

Topic:  ________________



Needs Improvement

Student Rating

Teacher Rating


Accuracy of Information

Category 1:  (35)









 Category 2: (15)




Category 3:  (25)




Great work! Information was correct AND was in your own  words and you answered all questions.

Fair…some information was in your own words but some was not. Most of the information was accurate but some is missing.

You can do better-Information was not in your own words and/or inaccurate or was grossly incomplete.




Category 5: (10)





Great work! Work appeared to be done carefully and as neat as possible. Work was creative!  

Limited Text, good use of pictures, pictures have appropriate captions

 Okay…but you may have rushed in some areas or were a bit on the sloppy side. Work was somewhat creative

A bit too much text, ok pictures, better captions needed

- You can do better- work appeared rushed and/or was illegible. Was not very creative.  

Too much text, pictures not appropriate or no captions




Category 4:  (15)




Great Work!  You used the appropriate number of sources and they are in proper APA format.

Okay…you might not have used the requested number of resources OR they are not listed in proper format

you did not use the requested number of resources AND they are not in proper format