October 20, 2016 – RELIEF SOCIETY


Conducting: Sisters Baker and Hopf

Accompanist:  Sister Ransom

Chorister: Sister Curcino


Special Musical Number:  Sister Shumway and Elder Heesch – Lead Kindly Light

accompanied by Sister Lai


Sister Shumway and Elder Heesch


Opening Prayer: Sister Blocker

Purpose: Sister Lybbert




·       Sister Sharp explained about the information cards for the homeless and those needing assistance.  She also asked the zones to be sure and give her pictures from their zone service projects.

·       President Risenmay welcomed the Spencers.  They will handle the fleet, iPads and supplies.


Elder and Sister Spencer


·       President Risenmay released Sister Mones as Relief Society President and Sister Baker as First Counselor.  Sister Baker was sustained as Relief Society President and Sister Hopf as First Counselor.

·       Temple Square Coordinators reminded the sisters about the walking home list and that sisters are to walk home in three companionships.

·       The Office Assistants reminded the sisters to get their pictures taken for their access cards.

·       Supply Coordinators Sister Johnny and Sister Sapera asked the sisters to put supplies away and where they belong after their tours.  Also, water bottles that are in different desk areas of the Square are going to be thrown away.  If you are missing a water bottle, please check at the desks today.

·       There is a First Transfer Meeting at 9:00 am in Theater 1.

·       New sisters and returning from outbound sisters were introduced.

Roleplay:  Sister Ruiz and Boyd.  They demonstrated how to introduce Meet the Mormons and specifically “The Horseman.”


Lesson:  Chapter 17 – Preserve and Protect the Family


Our teachers were Sisters Jeong, Cochain, Seol and Macfarlane

The sisters started their lesson by showing a picture of their families.


The question was asked, “What is a family?”


·       Sister Valenzuela said that it’s not only blood relatives that love you with all their heart and build you up.

·       Sister Leavitt – She is adopted and to her a family is someone that is willing to love and take care of another.

·       Sister Zafarana – There are people so far away from the gospel and yet they are all our family.


President Hunter was in a very successful band prior to his marriage.  He traveled a lot and made good money playing in the band.  However, when he got married, he wanted to have his family as the focal point of his life, not his band.  It was a decision that he never regretted.


The sisters showed a video clip – “Building Families”

Sister Kratzer told us about learning to ride a bike.  Her father was too busy to teach her to ride a bike so her brother taught her.  She wondered if parents look back and wish they would have done things differently.


Sister Mark told us that our missions are preparing us for everything.  We should use the spirit every day to know what is important at the time.


Parents should love and support each other.  Sister Gomez told about The Horseman and Emily saying that there is nothing in the world that can replace a home with a mom and dad.  As companions, we should be united and work together.  She is from a broken home and missed the presence of her father in her life.

Sister Cochain shared a testimony regarding the quote.  She feels that the entire quote can strengthen the family.  Her siblings are out of the church and her parents are inactive.  She is grateful for the example of friends’ families.  In her first transfer in France there was no unity and no investigators to teach.  Her second transfer the companions loved each other, had unity and more investigators than they could teach in a week.


Sister Battulga read the following quote:

Sister Jeong said that Family Home Evening has blessed her life.  She asked how has Family Home Evening blessed your life?


·       Sister Carrasco – She never had Family Home Evening before her mission.  Now her parents are members of the church and have Family Home Evening each week and scripture study each day.  They love Family Home Evening.  She is looking forward to having Family Home Evening with her family when returns home.

·       Sister Clement – Her family always read the scriptures before school and had Family Home Evening each week.  She can see the blessings of Family Home Evening.  Her schedule was hectic before her mission and she didn’t attend Family Home Evening.  She found that she really missed it so she found a way to start attending Family Home Evening again.

·       Sister Zhou – She attended Family Home Evening as a young adult.  She had three jobs to save for her mission so she wasn’t able to attend.  One week she was asked to hold Family Home Evening and she agreed.  The group had arranged for a game to be played.  Part of the game was for her to find a specific bag.  As she found the bag, the group started singing Called to Serve.  She wondered why, that is until she opened the bag.  The bag was full of money for her mission.  She could now attend Family Home Evening and not have to work the three jobs.

Family council is an important family meeting.

Sister Macfarlane taught that we should honor the parents you will be.  She related the second point to missionary work as well.


Sister Eging read:

Our teachers challenged us to take the “I Love You Challenge.”

Closing Hymn: #58 Come Ye Children of the Lord

Closing Prayer:  Sister Fong


The new arrivals posed for a photo after Relief Society


Back row L-R: Sisters Glanzer, Wagner, Smith A., Pereira, Coleman, Moraes

Middle row L-R: Sisters Richey, Seanez, Blocker, Liang,

Front row L-R: Sisters Smith M., Meneghini, Foote

Sister Zeller was missing from the group photo