First meeting of new Union of UK Unicyclist agenda

The plan is to conduct all online meetings over IRC. There is a bit of a learning curve but it means thats...

Google+ hangouts was considered but it has a 10 person limit and everyone needs a webcam and good internet connection to use it. Also logging is not automatic ( a video can be recorded but we’d still have to manually write a summary)

Agenda (please add stuff)

  1. Note which committee members are present.
  2. Note new representative roles? What do they do? How can they promote their discipline and be a voice for it? Maybe update unicylopedia ( , have tutorial videos?
  3. Communication via e-mail, google docs, irc? Is it working okay? open/closed forum?
  4. Define the responsibilities of all the (new and old) roles. Not sure if this was done in the past (I will check). Maybe write draft constitution from this. Look at roles below.

Should All the REP’s other than IUF be Given the same Role Description?

  1. Handover for chairperson, treasurer, secretary, IUF rep. Contact detail exchange, outstanding issues, etc...
  2. State of UUU membership? How do we encourage membership? Membership database access? Replacement of current database system?
  3. State of society money? Can we do payments via paypal as well as cheque (slow...)? Apparently bank details were online but somebody thought it was funny to sign the UUU up for AA membership (which is a bit funny) so we can’t/shouldn’t put bank details online!
  4. What should the UUU be doing?
  5. Unfilled hockey role. Can we find anyone? Barry Gates has offered if no one else volunteers.
  6.  The division of the unicycle hockey league from the UUU. Should we amalgamate or keep separate?
  7. UUU website. Information currently out of date, can we find a way to make information easily updatable by each committee member? Previous BUC websites dating back to BUC5 (1998) are still on the web, do we need to keep them? Maybe archive them (off the internet) and have a BUC history web page as a replacement?
  8. BUC^

When can we realistically have one (school holidays good choice?) ?

Where should it be held?

Who should organise it?

What events should we have at BUC? Trials comp, street comp, flatland comp, sam’s “freestyle” comp idea? Hockey tournament? Video competition? Highest hop competition?

Note 12. was not discussed due to the meeting overrunning.

Roles (draft),

This has been moved to its own document. It is here