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Technology Group


Technology Code of Practice

The Technology Code of Practice sets out principles of how to use technology in government. It’s designed to enable the Civil Service to become more efficient and effective by making better use of technology. This will contribute to the transformation of the relationship between the citizen and the state and the delivery of public services.

Assessment and assurance of all government digital services and technology is conducted by the Government Digital Service (GDS) Standards Assurance team against two functional standards: the Technology Code of Practice and the Service Standard. These are enforced through spend controls. There are four red lines that spend controls will not usually allow a department to cross.

This assurance ensures that spending on technology is proportionate and directed at programmes and projects that meet the commonly agreed digital and technology strategies. It’s an independent confirmation that the department has undertaken thorough consideration of the user need and value for money.

Standards and patterns will be added to this code as they become available and are approved by Technology Leaders. More substantial changes will be approved through the Technology Leaders Network.

Getting started

Departments must carefully consider the:


Departments should:

Designing the solution

Whatever methodology is used, departments should do ‘just enough’ upfront design for the product or service in question and build in flexibility for ongoing discovery throughout the lifetime of the project. Departments may need to develop prototypes to fully understand which approach is right for a given component.

Departments must adhere to the following principles when designing technology solutions.

1. Make things open by:

2. Make things secure by:

3. Choose cloud first by:

4. Make things accessible by:

5. Share and reuse:

6. Use common government:

7. Meet the Digital Service Standard for digital services

8. Comply with the Greening Government ICT strategy

Buying the solution

Ensure the right commercial and contractual approach by obtaining specialist commercial advice from:

Departments must adhere to the following principles for sourcing solutions and agreeing contracts.

1. Define the sourcing strategy for your programme by:

2. Use common government sourcing solutions, such as:

3. Enter into sensible contracts

Contracts must:

Contracts should:

 Remember that: