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5 Benefits of the Ionox Cherry Pittercherry_pitters5 (Medium).jpg

Efficient and easy to use: Quickly and effortlessly removes cherry stones, with minimal clean-up possible with just soap and water, or in the dishwasher. Simple design allows you to pit 4 cups of cherries in 4-6 minutes--enough to bake a cherry pie--if not, your money back! We will also send you a FREE Cherry Recipe & Pitting eBook with over 30 classic and exclusive recipes and amusing pitting cherries facts.

Perfect cherries every time:This cherry pit remover works great for Bing, Rainer, and other cherries, large or small. An ideal tool for baking, canning, freezing, and dehydrating cherries. (Or just eating them as-is!)

Dishwasher safe: The pitter is stain resistant--this means cherry juice or dishwasher cleaning won’t affect the quality of the product.  This updated modern pitter inspired by traditional design won’t collect food particles or cherry juice in it’s spring-sealed mechanism.

High-quality construction: Professional grade heavy-duty construction designed to last for years. Made with zinc alloy, the cherry pitter is easy to hold and operate with one hand. The non-corrosive finish won’t impart metallic flavors in your cherries.

Includes a lifetime warranty:  If the Ionox cherry pitter breaks or fails to perform for any reason, it will be replaced, free of charge. By calling or e-mailing Ionox headquarters, you’re guaranteed a no-hassle, quick replacement.

Get your 100% satisfaction guaranteed zinc alloy cherry pitter here!

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