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This is a first.  It’s the first ever book launch where the community gets to share in the equity and ownership of a book!  I’m sharing 5% of what I earn (after all fees paid of course) with all of the The Couchsurfing Story Ambassadors.  How does it work?  I’ve created a special list of tasks that you can do to help make the book real and spread the word.  We are using the Mastly equity system to visualize everyone’s slice of the pie in real-time.  I hope you find this experiment as exciting as I do. Imagine, if this book gets picked up by a top publisher.  You’ll be a part of that making and you’ll be rewarded with a portion of the 5%.  Not only are we first to create a program like this, together we are helping to spread CS, far and wide.  And, to thank those who have worked above and beyond, we’ll also put include your name and personal thanks in the book.  Did I mention that the  final chapter of the book hasn’t been written yet?  That chapter is reserved for this story, the CS Book Ambassadors story. Thank you in advance!  

So, how do I become a Book Ambassador and get equity?

  1. IMPORTANT: Apply Here...
  2. We’ll review your application and approve you ASAP.
  3. Once approved you’ll receive an email invitation for access to Mastly Task/Equity System.  The systems allows you record actions and to see your equity in real time.
  4. After you perform a task in the real world, you simply “Add task” in Mastly and fill in the related description
  5. For example, if you inspire someone to buy a book or package, type that reader’s name in the task’s description.  
  6. There are many tasks that you can perform.  The most active Ambassadors will be personally thanked in the printed book.

What activities can I get points for?

The more points you as a Book Ambassador accumulate, the more equity you’ll receive in the published book. Book Ambassadors can purchase packages themselves and/or get other people to buy. Roughly 2 points per book copy.

SIMPLE TASKS (each can only happen once):

1 point - Add the book link to your email signature

3 points - Join the book Facebook group and invite your friends

10 points - Bring on a Book Ambassador

20 points - Get the book on a popular blog

50 points - Get the book in a major publication

BOOK PACKAGES (each can happen many times):

2 points - Inspire a friend or purchase - Early Bird Edition Package

4 points - Inspire a friend or purchase - Couchsurfer Package

10 points - Inspire a friend or purchase - Nomad Package

20 points - Inspire a friend or purchase - Explorer Package

40 points - Inspire a friend or purchase - Surf on Casey’s Couch Package

100 points - Inspire a friend or purchase - Casey Surf’s on Your Coach Package

150 points - Inspire a friend or purchase - Speaker Package

250 points - Inspire a friend or purchase - Mentorship Package

1,000 points - Inspire a friend or purchase - Corporate Sponsor Package

Here’s what the timeline looks like for the book.  We only have March to get over 2,500 pre orders.

Feb 24-28

Join my Book Ambassador group on and send first email to your network and lists to help promote my book!

March 1 - March 31

Ongoing support via email and social media to gain more preorders and points for equity in my book!

Link to YouTube video:

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**If you decide to share Casey’s book video, be sure to include a link to the book campaign in the description:


18 Ways you can help get out the word by Lee Constantine

Email your friends using

Import Google contacts:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an Invite message to your contacts i.e. below
  3. Click the blue button 'Import via Google' to pull every Gmail contact you have

**When you click the button it will automatically send the Invite, be sure it's right.

**The contacts will be saved in your profile to send additional updates later.

Upload CSV of contacts:

  1. Create the same Invite message
  2. Click the green button 'Upload CSV' to import a list of emails directly

**Again,when you click the button it will automatically send the Invite, be sure it's right.

**The contacts will be saved in your profile to send additional updates later.

Example Email:


I’m very excited to announce that I’m working with’s very own Casey Fenton to announce the launch of his new book title, The Couchsurfing Story! 

The campaign will last only 30 days starting March 1st.  I’d love your help in spreading the word! Here’s how:

  1. Go to our page
  2. Under the main page, enter your email to join our perks mailing list
  3. Share with your friends using our handy Share buttons

Thank you so much for all of your help and support— and as a bonus you will get entered into our exclusive contest to win a free copy of the book and an exclusive invite to our launch party with some free SWAG!

All the best,

[Your Name]

Add this to your email footer:

New book!

In The Couchsurfing Story, Casey Fenton teaches readers to pursue a non-traditional path, one guided by the pursuit of intense experiences, the extremes of life and the excitement of the unknown; to empower young entrepreneurs who are smart, driven, and non-traditional thinkers. And, I’m helping write one of the chapters. :-)