ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Meeting

Saturday-Sunday, January 30-31, 2010

Atlanta, GA


Attendance: Marie-Paule Cani, Rob Cook, Paul Debevec, Jeff Jortner, Jim Foley, Scott

Lang, Scott Owen, Kathryn Saunders, Peter Schroder, Jim Kilmer, Jackie White, Ginger

Ignatoff, Erin Butler, Gregg Talley, Bob Niehaus, Daniel Schmidt

Guests: Pat Ryan

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am. Scott Owen welcomed everyone to the EC Meeting.

Electronic Motions (August, 2009 – January, 2010)

The ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee commends Ronen Barzel and the SIGGRAPH 2009 Conference Committee for their outstanding work in making SIGGRAPH 2009 a technical and creative success.

For: For: Lang (motion), Saunders (second), Cani, Cook, Foley, Jortner, Owen, Schroder

Against: Debevec

To approve the minutes of the ACM SIGGRAPH EC August meeting.

For: Owen (motion), Schroder (second), Cani, Cook, Foley, Saunders

Abstain: Debevec, Lang, Jortner

Starting with ACM Transactions on Graphics, vol. 29, no. 3 (Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH 2010), the annual conference special issues of ACM Transactions on Graphics shall be published electronically - on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or other appropriate electronic media - and in the ACM Digital Library. Paper copies will be available on an  extra-cost basis at a price intended to recover printing costs.

For: Foley (motion), Cani (second), Cook, Debevec, Jortner, Lang, Owen, Saunders, Schroder

To approve Drew Davidson as the S2013 Conference Chair.

For: Lang (motion), Saunders (second), Cani, Foley, Owen, Schroder

Abstain: Cook, Debevec, Jortner

Meeting Notes

Motion to commend Masa and his committee for a successful creative and technical SA conference.

Motion passed.

2011 Budget Presentation

Jeff gave a presentation on the draft FY11 budget. At this juncture, the draft budget has a net income of $324,080; organizationally (minus conference revenue and expenses), it stands at a $134,000 lost. The reserve fund is approximately $1,385,417 below the required balance. We need to build the reserve fund back up. On March 8, Scott will be presenting on ACM SIGGRAPH at the SGB viability review. On March 19, he will be presenting to ACM EC on our budget. He will need to explain budget losses and present a plan on how we will build reserve back up.

Draft Budget Notes

Decisions Needed


Jeff will ask Stephen if TOG wants to pre-order.

Daniel will investigate costs for producing proceedings in Asia.


Cost charged for each ($4.30 for SIGGRAPH, $2.50 for SA) did not include design/production costs of approximately $40,000. Cost is closer to $13 each. Q does design, puts content together, and website layout. Need to give presenters strict deadline for submitting camera-ready copy. Give them templates to follow and instructions. Work with Stephen and conference to reduce costs.

ACTION ITEM: Stephen, Jeff, conference and SA to develop process, templates,

instructions, and strict deadlines for presenters to submit camera-ready copy.

Goal: reduce $40,000 cost to under $10,000

Small Conferences

$40,000 in small conference reserve fund. We’ve frozen all funds due to finances. Brian wants these funds freed up for conferences to be able to use. RESERVE FUND—If conference makes a profit, it can apply for half of the profit to enhance next year’s conference. Do we want to continue this—under $10,000? Should we freeze this or let them spend it. EC decided not to freeze funds.We should strongly encourage small conferences to eliminate printed proceedings. 20 copies of proceedings from small conferences have to go to ACM for sales. SIGGRAPH receives the revenue.

Change Small Conference Wording: Need a uniform policy. Propose conference bear the cost for all printed proceedings but encourage them to eliminate printed proceedings. If small conference is losing money from proceedings, we should be able to go back and tell them no printed copies. Can check to see if other sponsoring groups (IEEE) require printed proceedings.

ACTION ITEM: Work on policy regarding small conference proceedings.


1. Finance Committee Meeting on Sunday

2. Additional Reductions

3. Revised Budget to EC for approval

It was suggested that we leave in some special project money for SA—if we go forward we’ll need seed money for FY11.

ACTION ITEM—Have call for Chairs, Communications and Chapters go up on website.

Mail Boxes and Metal Badges at SIGGRAPH

The Standing Committee chairs have requested mailboxes and metal badges at the conference. There was a lengthy discussion on the need for this. Space is an issue. Conference should not absorb the costs. EC will cover it.

ACTION ITEM: Erin will send Jackie the list of standing committee chairs so they can have metal badges and mailboxes at SIGGRAPH. Jackie will write up new


Paper Summary Reel in Animation Festival

Rob suggested something structural be put in place so that the reel is in the CAF. Jackie has spoken with both CAF chairs, added to CAF chair job description, and added to the interview process when talking to candidates. She has also spoken to next three conference chairs. It was suggested that N+1 CAF Chair co-produce with N Papers Chair. This should also be added to Papers Chair job description.

ACTION ITEM: Paul/Rob will draft guidelines and policy. CAG should include in job description for N+1 CAF Chair and Paper Chair.

External Relations Meetings at SA2009

Scott Owen reported that he had good meetings with DCAJ, CG-ARTS and NCACG while in Yokohama. DCAJ has a timing issue with SA and would like to see the conference in March. He signed our general cooperation agreement with NCACG.


Jackie and Bob reported the S2009 lost 1.9M after transfer. $1.4M loss before transfer. Pat Ryan asked SIGGRAPH close by end of calendar year or at least give good projections.


The CAG met and discussed how they could start rebuilding the Reserve Fund. The plan going forward:

ACTION ITEM: Need to add $25 on to the non-member late for the conference

registration rates.

DVD Full Conference Prices Needs to be Set: $65 members, $100 non-members. Sold

145 last year. Raised price to $75 members, $100 non-members.

Motion to reimburse SIGGRAPH for approximately half the cost of the committee lunches at SIGGRAPH 10 ($2,500).

ACTION ITEM: EC encourages CAG to look at Best of Paper sessions.

Motion to approve SIGGRAPH 2010 budget with changes discussed.

For: Jortner (motion), Lang (second), Cani, Cook, Debevec, Owen, Saunders, Schroder

Absent: Foley

The EC complimented the CAG and contractors for its excellent job downsizing the



The S2011 budget is pretty much a placeholder. The CAG is less certain about

numbers for 2011. There’s no way to gauge how many will come to Vancouver. The

S2011 Booth will have specific information about passports, shipping, customs. There

will be additional marketing for Vancouver. This budget gets us to 0; it has a 2%

contingency after ACM allocation, but does not include ACM SIGGRAPH transfer.

Motion to approve the SIGGRAPH 2011 preliminary budget.

For: Lang (motion), Jortner (second), Cani, Cook, Debevec, Owen, Saunders, Schroder

Absent: Foley

Conference Restructuring Report

Jackie summarized some key points from the conference restructuring report written by Ronen and Jacquelyn:

ACTION ITEM: Form a Task Force— Rob, Paul, Jackie, Ronen, Jacquelyn—to look

at measurable goals and report on restructuring.

CAG Chair Succession Plan

The CAG is proposing a six month overlap at the beginning and end of an active three-year term. This will provide flexibility to update new CAG chair if he/she isn’t currently a member of the CAG or a recent past conference chair. It has not been an issue since they have moved from one conference chair to another one for CAG hair.

ACTION ITEM: interview CAG chairs candidates at May EC Meeting

ACTION ITEM: have conference call – Fall board call (schedule call at August meeting)

ACTION ITEM: put together list of standing committee chair terms FMX conference

FMX does not have a papers program. Session there for selected SIGGRAPH papers. Showcase research showcase.

1. Is this a good idea? 2. How do we select the papers?

We have an affiliate agreement with FMX. We need to get their areas of interest and send them the papers in those areas.

The EC approves the idea.

ACTION ITEM: Paul to work with FMX on process for selecting the papers.


The EC agreed to move forward with a spin-down of the Sponsorship project as-is. Jim Kilmer will negotiate terms of the contract release with Howard. EC doesn’t want to risk any more money but we will pursue until we get to the point that it costs money.

ACTION ITEM: Jim Kilmer to negotiate contract release with Howard Fisher, SmithBucklin.


Establish a weekly announcements newsletter with information on: voting, conferences, chapters—not just marketing. Need a process, deadlines, whose contributing, Set it up as a moderated list serve.

ACTION ITEM: Develop weekly announcements.

Saturday’s meeting adjourned at 5:33 pm; it was reconvened on Sunday, January 31, at 9:00 am


Technical Papers—SIGGRAPH was always the only place to present a high quality paper but deadlines sometimes made it difficult for submitters. SA has helped solve this problem by spreading out deadlines. Discussions have been held at town hall meetings and in Paper Advisory Group about continuing the conference in Asia. The clear message from out of these meetings is that the Technical part should be kept no matter what. Perhaps something smaller, less expensive, but keeping the quality of the papers.

PAG recommends the following to remain successful:

1) continue to be in TOG

2) selection process not change (including in-person meeting which happened at SIGGRAPH)

Technical Sketches could solve the problem of Asian researchers who feel there isn’t a place for them. Increase the length from one page to four pages. EC supportive of this.


Motion to approve SIGGRAPH ASIA 2010 budget.

For: Schroder (motion), Jortner (second), Cook, Debevec, Lang, Owen, Saunders

Against: Foley

Abstain: Cani

Motion to continue SIGGRAPH Asia after 2010 as a smaller, lower risk conference

that includes at a minimum the Papers Program with the current Papers process.

For: Cook (motion), Jortner (second), Cani, Debevec, Foley, Owen, Saunders, Schroder

Against: Lang


Tokyo and Hong Kong are in the bidding for SA11. The dates/time of year could vary. March will conflict with Eurographics.

SACAG Reorganization

SACAG is not functionally oriented; they need people with more specific abilities and experience. There are conference chairs in Asia who have never been to SIGGRAPH, never served on a committee. The committee must have a conference chair that is native to our host country.

The SACAG is recommending that the EC void original structure and appoint the following positions:

Motion to approve the SACAG restructuring plan.

For: Lang (motion), Jortner (second), Cani, Cook, Debevec, Foley, Owen, Saunders,


ACTION ITEM: Scott will discuss joint SA meeting at the SGB meeting.

Scott appointed a Task Force to recommend a SACAG Chair within the next month: Masa, Jim Kilmer, Jackie, YT and Daniel (non voting). YT will chair task force (if he agrees)

Motion to accept ACM SIGGRAPH Award Policies.

For: Foley (motion), Cook (second), Cani, Debevec, Jortner, Lang, Owen, Saunders,


Web Content

Conference material is not updated on various pages. Do we have a master list of who is in charge of the website pages? Scott appointed a Task Force of Scott Lang, Kathryn, Jeff, Jenny and Erin develop a plan for the website.

ACTION ITEM: Task Force to develop a plan for updating website content.

Strategic Discussion

Rob suggested that the EC have a strategic discussion to review our priorities and evaluate our programs. What are we supporting with general funds? Committee chairs will need to submit a viability report for their programs. The EC agreed to devote half-day during the May meeting for this strategic discussion. Committee chairs will be asked to join (via phone) the conversation.

EC Meeting adjourned at 12:52 p.m.